Cap framerate?

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5 years ago#1
Need to know how to do this. Please.

5 years ago#2
just enable Vsync (on by default i believe), or use a FrameLimiter.
5 years ago#3
I want to cap it at 30FPS, so v-sync is no help. And what do you mean by framelimiter?

I need to know what to add to the prefs ini file.
5 years ago#4
Here il just upload the FrameLimiter i use

Extract it anywhere you want and run "FPS_Limiter_GUI". Once inside it find the games executable (exe) by clicking "search executable", after youv done that type in 30 as maximum fps then click "create bat". Run the game using the .bat file it created and your Fps will be capped at 30.

Btw the thing will need you to have Java installed to work.
5 years ago#5
Thanks I'll try that,

No way to do it via the ini though?
5 years ago#6
ishdante posted...
Thanks I'll try that,

No way to do it via the ini though?

Havent explored the config file yet so i have no idea im afraid.
But if that FrameLimiter doesnt work, heres a different one.

It works too its just a bit more complicated to get working, theres a readme file added tho for instructions so it should be fine.
5 years ago#7
Yeah the first one didn't work. I'm not 100% sure why, but I'm guessing it's because Skyrim is DX10 and that program looks like it supported DX9 only.
5 years ago#8
That one requires a lot of work....

Come to think of it, the command should be the same as F3 and Oblivion, right?

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