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5 years ago#1
In my launcher, data files is grayed out? Is it the same for anyone else? I haven't got any mods that need to be loaded in it yet...but I want to make sure I'm not having some type of problem. I have the retail steam version.

I was thinking it might be because I don't have any ESM files or anything changed within that would need to be checked? Can someone verify for me if their data files button is grayed out/unclickable?

5 years ago#2
There is nothing to put there yet, so yes it is suppose to be grayed out.
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5 years ago#3
no there are mods out already....plenty actually, new blood mods, better faces mods, etc...apparently a few others are having this problem too
5 years ago#4
oh just googled it, here's a fix

go into SkyrimPrefs.ini and add:
5 years ago#5
make sure its the prefs in my documents/my games/skyrim
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