Difference in Follower stats (more surprising than you might think)

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Ok, so I used Lydia for the start of the game. Gave her as good of equipment as I could get her and felt she was only ok as a distraction. Kneel'd too easily and did pitiful damage. Switched to Vilkas/Farkas/Aela from the Companions when I could and they weren't really any better. Once I got close to 50 I bought the house in Solitude and got Jordis the Sword-Maiden. Gave her good equipment too and was awe-struck by how much better she was than my other followers. I did a quick check on her stats and was listed as follows 52 (didn't change since I got to 50 so I assume they capped).

One-handed: 100
Two-handed: 68
Block: 100
Heavy Armor: 100
Light Armor: 20
Health: 660
Stamina: 210

I went back to Whiterun, picked up Lydia again and gave her the same gear Jordis was wearing and her stats were...

One-handed: 33
Two-handed: 36
Block: 36
Heavy Armor: 39
Light Armor: 20
Health: 181
Stamina: 74

A huge difference in stats? Yes, indeed. I'm not sure what accounts for this other than the fact that Jordis should be considered high profile since you have to spend at least 25k to get her and she comes from Solitude.

I checked that trollface Uthgerd the Unbroken and her stats are as follows-

One-handed: 33
Two-handed: 29
Block: 29
Heavy Armor: 28
Light Armor: 20
Health: 120
Stamina: 70

As you can see she is even WORSE than Lydia.

Here are the stats listed for Aela in my game-

One-handed: 44
Two-handed: 25
Block: 32
Heavy Armor: 15
Light Armor: 55
Health: 284
Stamina: 246

I know she is mainly an archer but getav archery isn't the correct code so I'm not sure how to get it. But otherwise she is pretty middle of the line but still vastly inferior to Jordis. So my advise if you want a good follower, drop Lydia or any of the early ones and pick up someone later in the game who would be considered higher profile.
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Huh... did you actually get Lydia to follow you after you raised your levels?

I know they level up, Lydia can't be affected by my wolf howls anymore.
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This is pretty interesting. I was wondering if there was any difference in follower stats. btw that unbreakable girl IS a troll face lol I agree.
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I sacrificed Lydia and Uthgerd to the Blades. Ohohoho. Thankfully I choose last minute not to recruit Jordis.
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Can you check J'Zargo's stats?
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Try "marksman" instead of "archery." While we're on the subject, "speech" is "speechcraft."
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Bhellium posted...
Huh... did you actually get Lydia to follow you after you raised your levels?

I know they level up, Lydia can't be affected by my wolf howls anymore.

Yes, I dismissed my other follower and had her follow me wearing the exact same gear even though none of the gear had fortify skill/stats on it just to make sure. I haven't gotten J'Zargo yet as a follower so I don't know if that would affect his stats but I can check when I get him later if you do not have a PC version to check yourself.
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codemann92587 posted...
Try "marksman" instead of "archery." While we're on the subject, "speech" is "speechcraft."

Marksman worked. Unsurprisingly Aela's marksman was fairly high at 61, better than her other combat stats. Surprisingly, Vilkas had even higher at 73 when he is supposedly the two-handed master trainer and even more hilarious is Jordis is at 93 marksman. No wonder she does so much damage with her Ebony Bow.
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Went and checked my file at level 35 before I had Jordis and it seems different followers cap out at different levels. Lydia who was my current follower at that level had the exact same stats but Vilkas' stats were a bit weaker so he hadn't capped out yet. It seems some followers like Lydia just... stay weak the entire game. I'm not sure if she is bugged and didn't level at all but her stats are pathetic.
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From: HienLai | Posted: 11/20/2011 3:21:54 AM
her stats are pathetic.

Yeah, but they are easily changed :D