There is a damage/armor cap in Skyrim. And I hit both, using normal crafting.

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  3. There is a damage/armor cap in Skyrim. And I hit both, using normal crafting.
5 years ago#1
Alright for example, I got a 470ish War Hammer, created within normal crafting limits.

I got 3 attacks I mainly use, normal swings, regular power attacks, and the critical charge, which is supposed to do double critical damage, and it does if I use a weaker weapon. With my current weapon a normal power attack hits for the exact same as critical charge, which does nearly twice as much damage when using an normal steel greatsword over what I do with a normal power attack. Elder dragons at level 62 take 3 power attacks to down, so that is a good foe to test whether or not berserker rage gets me any damage bonus. I found that my power attacks did the EXACT same damage against an elder dragon WITH berserker rage up, as it did with no berserker rage at all. And that my normal attacks did the same damage as a power attack with berserker rage up. There is apparently a cap on how much damage you can do to an enemy in a single hit, I found it but am unsure of the exact number, but my testing proves there is a cap, or I should have been able to 1hko that elder dragon with a critical charge power attack with berserker rage up. Hammers/War hammers also ignore 75% armor, which means they might be more effective for hitting max damage against armored foes, like dragons.

Anyone is free to test this but I am 100% certain there is a damage cap in skyrim.

I also tested 1000 Armor rating, compared to 1800 armor rating, and I noticed no difference in damage taken by giants. So that means armor also has a cap, and that it is rather pointless enchanting heavy armor bonus to equipment because it will get you nothing. Now if you want to do an unarmed damage character, it would be worth it if you perked the unarmed damage based on Armor, in which you can do about 350 damage with an unarmed attack with heavy armor bonus enchanted. In which case you wouldn't need to enchant weapon damage, and could free that up for something else.
armor cap is 672 I believe
5 years ago#3
Considering that there is a cap in damage, that automatically makes maces/warhammers the best weapons, because of the perk to ignore 75% armor which makes hitting for that cap easier.
5 years ago#4
Soul Of The Darkness posted...
armor cap is 672 I believe

I had around 1k, so you could be right and the cap is far lower than I anticipated. Its possible the damage cap is somewhere in that region as well.

If there is an armor cap, then there is likely a damage cap. Whatever it is I hit cap on an elder dragon. Took 3 hits to take down regardless, of what buffs I had up at level 62.
I would think swords would be preferrable because you're going to reach the damage cap anyway, you might as well increase attack speed so you're getting more hits at the damage cap
5 years ago#7
Duel wield power attacks do 3 htis, so with dual maces using the above method you should be able to 1hko an elder dragon with a duel wield mace attack with berserker rage up if the damage is anywhere close to my war hammer, and if you perked ignore armor 75%. Which would make the most devastating weapon in the game, duel wield maces.
5 years ago#8
but they swing so slowly.
oh great... why would they do that? I'm a nerd, that's the exact kind of thing I like to avoid... maybe I'll just buy it during the day -Sahuagin
5 years ago#9
The armor cap is known to be 80% at 567 armor rating. I suspected a damage cap as well, but I have no idea what it is (if it does exists).
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5 years ago#10
Uh, having a 3500 damage weapon isn't going to get you that much damage, unless someone would like to explain why my berserker rage power attack with a 470 damage war hammer does the exact same amount of damage on an elder dragon as a normal swing does?
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  3. There is a damage/armor cap in Skyrim. And I hit both, using normal crafting.

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