A Beginner's Guide to Skyrim, and other helpful info (General FAQ) version 1.0

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nice guide but we are on pc rigth? instead of do that just describe the mod combination

if you want a fixed skyrim more oldschool like morrowind then use requiem mod on nexus

dragon soul relinquisment (now dovahkin truly abrorbs power and knowlege)

morrowlloot , belua sanquinare for vampire mod deadly dragons with mighty dragons erso and some other mods of your choise the difrence is tons better skyrim i dont think it worth to describe original since it is a gem that needs a lor of work to shine and with mods atm it really does not even tes 4 now aint fixed as it should be after al those years
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KidInTheHall posted...
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Well, FF10 fanboy, I guess your the superior one, and I'm sorry that I'm not an erudite individual like Mimi.
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Thank you all. This topic has been immensely helpful to me.
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wait what? there is a beginners guide to skyrim....lord help us

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I'm going to be working on an updated version of this over the week. Apart from what is covered here already, what else should I mention?
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Ravenoussd posted...
wait what? there is a beginners guide to skyrim....lord help us


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Hey everyone!

Remember this video!? I thank all the viewers who enjoyed my modded Skyrim video.


Well, now I posted a how-to-mod skyrim here! Only at BlipTalk


Go on and check it out!

Thanks everyone!
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Are there certain parts of the map that could end up breaking if you hadn't played for a long time?
Before I decided to get the PC version, the PS3 version had become faulty and the map ended up breaking causing the game to freeze whenever I ventured to certain areas.
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When I do the ohgma infinium cheat I will not work I actiactivat the book shelf go down to the book then reread it I then select wat skill I wish to upgrade then I press b to go bak and x to store the be to go to world view after that I read the book on the shelf and wen I opens nothing shows up on it like it did at first I have tried it with out the patches on my xbox and with the patches but still nothing someone plz help