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5 years ago#1
So i really want to put the backstab enchant from the shrouded gloves onto my glass armor gauntlets. Any console command to do this?
5 years ago#2

object id being your object and the mgef id's for effects
google for the id's
5 years ago#3
example playerenchantobject playerenchantobject 136D5 109637 109637 would give you imperial armor with two magic resist enchantments.
5 years ago#4
lol wtf it not posting right =/
5 years ago#5
thanks that helps alot
5 years ago#6
np mate anytime :P
5 years ago#7
The enchantment is based on your skill level, so 1 enchanting skill level = 1% or 1pt.
Most magic effects have atleast 2(sometimes more) MGEF IDs, one is usually the actual effect while the other is used by magic tomes to teach you spells. The second type will teach you the spell, and may use the visual spell effects(ex: candlelight will show the glowing orb of light but it won't actually provide light).

Usually the first instance is the actual effect, but save before using it in case your using the wrong one.

This command can't be used to modify existing objects(like additem, but with 1-2 enchantments) and it doesn't work on pre-enchanted apparel/weapons, including any unique gear. It will give you the item, but it will still have it's original enchantments.

I'm not sure how the charges get calculated for weapons when using the console command.
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