Where can I find a daedric sword?

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5 years ago#11
The daedra at Mehrunes' shrine also typically use levelled weapons (when I first did the quest, they were using Steel and Iron weapons). So crafting it is by-far the best option, as the Atronach Forge requires the Sigil Stone to complete the daedric recipes.
5 years ago#12
The Atronach Forge is still the best alternative to crafting one since it's better than relying on random loot- It's possible to get Daedric stuff form level 40 and above, but fairly rare.
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5 years ago#13
The atronach forge requires the sigil stone, like I've been saying, which requires at least 90 conjuration. As conjuration is significantly harder to level than smithing, smithing is still a better choice.
5 years ago#14
Conjuration is still pretty easy to level. Get bound sword and dual equip it. Jump up on top of something where an enemy can't hit you, and repeatedly dual conjure the swords. If you've found any items that lower conjuration costs and/or raise magicka regen rate, wear them. Won't take too long to hit 90 especially if you have the mage stone and lover's comfort bonuses running.
5 years ago#15
you will never find a daedric weapon in the 30s. they only start to show up at like 50+ unless you craft one or turn an ebony weapon into one using the atronach forge.
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5 years ago#16

Well I had a unenchanted ebony sword turn up whilst I was level 25-29. So I doubt Deadric onyl shows up at level 50+, probably you can find a deadric sword in 30s if you're lucky.

5 years ago#17

Then again after looking on net, maybe not. Seems everyone says 50+.

5 years ago#18
Daedric definitely becomes available as random loot somewhere around mid 40s since one of my character has found a dagger and a couple of armor pieces and she's only 47. Also all of them are from dungeon chests.
Perfection is an illusion; Aberrations are discoveries.
5 years ago#19
Seems a lot of people recommend smithing, but I think I'm too far into the game for it to be worth it anymore. For now I'll just finish the Stormcloak line of quests and hope Ulfric gives me a daedric sword as a reward. If he doesn't I'll probably just add the item to my inventory using the console. I'm not waiting around till the late 40's to get it because I will have finished most of the game by then. Thanks for the help everyone.
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  3. Where can I find a daedric sword?

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