Anyone ever spawn a pack of bears in a city/town?

#1GAMER_X_REVIVALPosted 12/21/2011 1:24:32 AM
Funny stuff, try it some time

Weird thing though, if you try to spawn like five at once, it only spawns a couple bears and the rest is like saber cats and wolves. Wtf?

I had too much fun in solitude one time. Spawned like 20 bears, then reloaded and spawned a centurion and set scale him into the goddamn iron giant, reloaded and spawned 6 alduins in attack mode (dat meteor summon overload), reloaded and spawned like 8 giants in the throne room.

Ever since I discovered 'help <enemyname> 4' to find all the codes for monsters and enemies I've been having way too much fun torturing cities haha
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