Skyrim favors "evil" characters?

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Well, of course it does! And it should, realistically... "Good" and "Evil" don't exist in reality. They're just labels that we, as humans, slap onto acts to categorize them for later social judgment.

The only reason that it's usually more effective to live your life by society's rules in the modern world is because there are so many ways to tie you to a crime these days. Forensics, surveillance cameras, witness protection to secure testimonies, caveats in the law that strip your rights away from you, SOPA, the USA PATRIOT Act, etc. Cops are well-equipped and once in their custody, it is very difficult to avoid the system from that point on. You're probably going to court. You probably aren't escaping jail or prison. And you're probably going to be found guilty if you did it, and sentenced to a long term of imprisonment if your crime was considered serious enough.

In Skyrim, all "crimes" can be paid for with gold. Jail locks can be picked. Guards don't have guns and they keep your crap in a nearby chest that you can easily open.

Skyrim's system of criminal justice is every bit as sophisticated as Earth's was circa 6th century England.

As a result, capable people will experience greater personal profits and a much easier life if they break the law and do things that society would frown upon on a daily basis. It was this way even up into the 1930s. Being "bad" was the easy way to wealth. The drawback was simply that you had to either remain hidden or make an enemy of the world. Skyrim has the same drawback.

Conversely, since when has it been easy to be a hero? Of course it isn't easy! You do what's right, you save the day and you face mortal peril. It's a relatively thankless job and temptations will surround you in a dangerous, corrupt world. There are daedric princes to deny, whole guilds of thieves and murderers to reject and fight against, valuable possessions to leave unstolen and annoying idiots to leave alive.

If you want to be a knight in shining armor, it's going to be a long, hard road. And it should be. Because that's what makes heroism special. Self-sacrifice. You're risking your own life to save or help someone without a thought towards personal gain. As a result, your personal gain will be impeded over someone who takes whatever they want.

I see no cause for complaint in how the "evil" are rewarded and the "good" are not. These are realistic consequences to choosing your path. They are balanced elsewhere. A karma system in Skyrim would do nothing but stagnate the existing quests and make many of the grey areas either black or white, and therefore either boring or confusing.

tl;dr: FUS RO DAH! arrow to the knee.
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*slow clap*
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I don't think the lack of reward is the problem, I think the lack of choice is. There are certain quests that *only* have evil choices (and vice versa), regardless of how easily it could go the other way.
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I just posted a relevant topic here:
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you can choose to walk away
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Can choose to play a different game with better RP elements, too. What's your point? The game is lacking in the RP department compared to its spiritual predecessor and other alternatives on the market, from an objective point of view.

Iv'e made some amazing RP breakthroughs with the console, but that doesn't change the fact that the TC's well-thought post (and it is, I'm not being sarcastic) is misplaced.
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Basically what the above said.

Do you know just how weird the quest goes?

>>Find Verulus

Verulus: Oh, hey! Don't tell anyone, but someone's been eating the corpses in our Hall. Go find out who did it, and put a stop to it.

My thoughts: Aha! A chance for me to do good. Here is a Priest, an obviously good priest, who has tasked me with ridding him of a foul intruder who feats on the corpse of our dead! In otherwords, a CANNIBAL! I WILL STOP A CANNIBAL!

>> Enter Hall of Dead

Creepy Female Voice: *some weird and confusing and creepy crap about how I'm a cannibal.... when I'm not*

Eola appears

My thoughts: Damn, she's hot...

Eola speaks

My thoughts: DAMN SHE IS CRAZY

Eola: Help me clear out the Draugr in x location. The only reason I ate the dead here was because the dead started fighting back in my home.

My thoughts: Okay, she hasn't fought me... Yes, she's creepy as hell... but who am I to judge her for cannibalism? She hasn't eaten any living people... and she does it far away. Maybe I should help her get back home so she can do her creepy thing far far away?

>>Go to x location

>>Clear out Draugr

Eola: Now I need you to bring me Brother Verelus.

My Thoughts: Hmm? Brother Verulus? Hmm. I could handle her. Me and a priest against one woman? Might be a fun night.

>>Brings Verulus


>>Stares at raw beef... sees it's human flesh
>> stares at people I've met... Discovers the SHOPKEEPER... and how she ate her husband...

My Thoughts: ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod

Eola: Come... Carve him up.

My Thoughts: I... I can still get out of here. Just cut the priest up... serve him as chow... and walk calmly out of this place. Just get the quest achievement and go....

>>reluctantly carves up Verulus

Eola: Now... eat him

My thoughts: ... F***.

In the end.... after multiple reloads...

>> Kills Eola and everyone else: Collect some gold from Verulus.
>> Goes to eat comfort food and watch TV, drowning out images

How did it go wrong from 'Stopping Whoever Was Eating The Corpses' to 'Eat The Priest'?
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Would a good character really just walk away from an evil quest without trying to resolve anything? Or would they just outright kill everyone involved without any sort of dialogue on the matter? Sure, it's possible to just not do the quest or to stop doing the quest once you find out it's evil, but that completely kills the immersion.

Having no real in-game choices in the majority of quests is very boring. It's similar to a game's difficulty being low. Sure, you can set all sorts of rules for yourself to make things more difficult, but it's always more enjoyable if it's a proper game to begin with rather than requiring any sort of self-imposed rule or play style.
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Well, of course it does! And it should, realistically... "Good" and "Evil" don't exist in reality. They're just labels that we, as humans, slap onto acts to categorize them for later social judgment.

Really now?? No, they're not mere labels we humans "slap into acts to categorize..." they are realities that could either make your life worth living or screw it up and turn it into a living hell. "Having good in the world is good. Having evil in the world is not good." -from the Book of Good and Evil. (found in the Al'druhn Temple in Morrowind).
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