Any Good Skyrim AI Mods?

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I remember some Neverwinter Nights mods that improved enemy AI, as well as companion AI.  I liked one that allowed me greater control over companion behavior.  I was wondering if anyone is aware of any mods that improves the AI all-around, and gives access to how I would like my companion to behave.  I am pretty sure I am not the only one who would like to know.

#2Sam BotwanPosted 1/28/2012 7:45:11 PM(edited)
There are some companion mods, though the only ones I know deal with either setting them essential or mapping commands and dialog to keyboard.

However, for enemy AI, I highly suggest PISE (Plutoman's Improved Skyrim Experience).

There's supposedly an update coming along here soon. As well, once he gets access to the CK, he'll be able to iron out some of the stuff he's done, as well as do some stuff he's wanting to do. Regardless, it's still an awesome mod.

Especially when coupled with Wars in Skyrim IV and Deadly Dragons.


WiS basically increases enemy spawns in the wild. You've got multiple versions to choose from. Some are purely for hack'n'slash. Some are much more immersive. You'll see Thalmor waylay Stormcloaks, a handful of enemy mages doing their thing. Dremora (rare) roaming the countryside. Increased Stormcloak and Imperial battles. Extra creature spawns in areas where it makes sense. More bandit spawns. And so on. It isn't anything insane (erm... unless you go for the version that IS insane lol), just adds a bit more life to the wilds. I haven't tried Rainbow Mode, but apparently it's the most lore-friendly version.

Deadly Dragons

I'll just copy the modder's description for it -
Dragons is a mod that aims to improve Skyrim's dragons fights. This mod is created for people who wish to increase the challenge provided by dragons fights. The main goal of the mod is to make dragons true to their power in lore. If a giant or a group of 3-4 bandits can take down a dragon, then there's no need for the dragonborn.

Basically, instead of saying, "Ugh, another dragon. :/" the goal is for players to be, "Oh s***, a dragon!"
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I use the three already mentioned. Makes the game completly different.

Use all three of them and play on master if you want a true challenge.

Hard and Rebalanced is also good, there's just a few things I don't agree with, though there are optional ones I do enjoy.

I'd only get version 3 of Wars in Skyrim right now. I haven't tried 4, which was released today, but alot of people are saying things appear in different languages within the game, so It's a tad glitchy right now apparently.
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Might want to keep your eye on this, too:
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From: Slakr | #004
Might want to keep your eye on this, too:

Oh snap, sushisquid did it.


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Sam nailed it. PISE makes everything harder. :) with WiS, it's awesome. I've faced Thalmor beating up a poor Spriggan for no reason; thalmor kicking Stormcloak ass; Vampires kicking Vigilant of Stendarr ass. To wit: WiS adds life, PISE adds difficulty.

And Deadly Dragons. Where do i begin? I feel like i'm playing MH with it. Kill a dragon, see if it has the armor i need to create my set, kill another. The armors are awesome incentives to keep fighting dragons no matter how dangerous(Ancient Fire Dragons, for example, can summon a kamikaze flame dog that OHKO's me. And i have 350 HP!). I suggest the Dragon Summon mod with this, just for the epicness.

And Specialized Followers makes it even more fun. :) followers now have buffs to you and the player, so choose wisely.
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