Bring nude mods to xbox 360

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What did I say about logic blowseph?
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Console peasants don't get nice things.

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A nude mod was the first and only mod I had for a long time... I CONFESS IT!!

Now, did I kill female bandits, strip 'em, and pile up their bodies, thus giving myself a chubby and saving/quitting skyrim to jerk it to online "material"? Yes I did!


But it's not like I did that a lot... only like... twice. It was just kinda there. And I like it...
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Go away console fan boy
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why u trolling the troll?
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megacookieman posted...
Nude mods are down right stupid anyway.

If you're gonna take a dance with your partner at least take him somewhere nice and real - not fake and virtual.

How is fapping to nude mods in Skyrim any different than fapping to a porno or while in the shower thinking about the sexy blonde you passed at Wal-mart? You're jerking off because you don't have that porn star/sexy blonde.

Fake and virtual is fake and virtual.

Inb4 "I don't have to masturbate because I'm knee deep in ass all the time!" Sure, whatever.
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yall's still postin' in a troll topic.
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No one cares blowsef.