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3 years ago#1
I figured (for no reason whatsoever) that both the Khajit and Argonian races were somewhat undervalued in Skyrim. Or maybe that's just because my playthroughs usually involve Nords, Imperials and Altmer. Nevermind...

Anyway, I've got two playthroughs on the go that i'm enjoying far more than I thought I would:

#1: Proud Battlecat Warrior
Kind of like a cross between Puss in Boots, and Skrimir from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Built like a tank and very proud of his Khajit bloodline, this battlecat wears heavy armor for protection (and partly to show off his strength at moving so deftly under all that weight). He also refuses to use weapons. His claws are his weapons, although helped tremendously with some gauntlets and the 'Fists of Steel' perk. He crafts all his own gear, is fond of politics, and dreams of serving by the Throne of Skyrim under Elisif the Fair. He is also surprisingly intelligent for a brute, and reads a lot. The bookshelves of Proudspire Manor are always full to the brim with books on Skyrim's past, Tamriel's history, races past and present, and dragon lore.

Basically, this guy trains in Heavy Armor, Smithing, speech and alchemy (because all good drifting warriors need to be adept at creating remedies from the foliage of the outside world!). I did think about enchanting, but I figured a proud battlecat warrior would consider enchanting and magic as 'cheating'. In terms of armor, at the moment i've got him in Nordic heavy armor, with no helmet. I wanted a Heavy Armor set that still shows a lot of his khajit fur, and that only really gives Nordic gear or Dragon Armor.

Fists of steel works amazingly well, particularly at relatively low levels with maxed-out smithing. All was going well, until after I finished both the Solitude quests and the Civil War campaign for the Empire. I moved on to the main quest line, and quickly realised that this would mean punching a dragon to death. =/

#2: "Dragonic Blood Playthrough"
Black Argonian, built like a brick ****house, horns/tusks protruding out of his head in a dragon-like stylee. The idea is to pretend that Argonians are distant relatives to dragons - intelligent lizards with a talent for magic. Only, THIS Argonian is a little closer to dragonic lineage than most, for he is Dovahkiin - an argonian shell with an actual dragon's soul entombed within. Not only does he learn the dragon language as though it were second nature, but he has a talent for the arcane arts that far outstrips even the Altmer.

He starts out as a drifting wanderer, not really fitting in anywhere in Tamriel, and has never really felt comfortable in his racial home of the Black Marsh. When he learns that he is indeed Dragonborn, he sets out to learn all there is to know about both the dragon language, and the arcane arts.

He is particularly skilled with Destruction magic (fire in particular), Restoration, enchanting and alteration. I'm not really sure if I want him in either Ebony Armor (to go with his ebony scales... lololol i'm so racist!), or if it's better for him to wear black hooded robes with powerful enchantments. I think the robes suit his persona of "drifting wanderer not really fitting in anywhere, seeking to explore the ancient burial tombs, study the arcane arts and unravel the mysteries of the world" better than heavy armor does.

Extremely tempted to cheat with the console commands, and give him instant cooldown on his shouts. It seems fair, if he is essentially a wingless dragon.

I haven't gotten very far with this one yet, as you may have guessed. But I've had fun building him up so far, and I think it's got plenty of play time to be had out of it.

Ideas, opinions?
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