From level 1 to 44 in a matter of hours without "cheating"

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3 years ago#1
I just confirmed my theory about how to power level early in the game. Some of this I know is known, but there might be some of it that others haven't considered. It doesn't require using the console or cheating device and should be possible on all platforms.

I started a new game yesterday and it took me less than nine hours of playtime to get from Helgen to level 42. It involves the Fortify Restoration exploit so if you don't like that then this isn't for you. I'll generalize the steps I took to get this. If you need more detail I'll explain later. I actually started this process at level 5, but I was level 42 within minutes.

1. Activate the Mage Stone (optional, but makes this go faster)

2. Use the fortify restoration exploit (look it up) to get level 100 in alchemy. This takes a VERY LONG TIME for a new character, but it's still possible.

3. With the enhanced alchemy power that comes from fortify restoration (may take several iterations with low-level equipment), create a fortify smithing potion that will allow you to improve a weapon to do at least 140,000 damage. Might require some experimenting. It's more easily obtainable than you might think.

4. Create a potion that will fortify your health by 1,000,000 or more. You'll need to survive at least four attacks from this weapon you're about to create.

5. Activate the Warrior Stone (optional, probably not necessary)

6. Drink the fortify smithing potion and improve any weapon, like an Iron Sword, before the effect wears off. This should get your Smithing to 100 in one go.

7. Make sure you have a full set of heavy armor, iron will do, and light armor, like fur or hide, including a shield.

8. Find/hire some random companion that doesn't use magic. I used Jenassa from Whiterun. Give him/her the sword you made in step 4 and take any other weapon they might have.

9. Go to some place where there aren't guards to watch you and punch your companion until they decide to attack you.

10. BEFORE THEY LAND THE FIRST HIT, drink your fortify health potion and equip a matching set of armor. Do not put your hands down or they will stop attacking.

11. For the first attack it will shoot your skill from 15 to 100. Block the next attack which will increase Block from 15 to 100. Then after that, equip the armor type that you didn't have on before and let them hit you again. That will go from 15 to 100.

12. Put your hands down and talk to your (now former) companion. Hire them back and take the sword back. Give them their old weapon if you're feeling guilty about it.

13. Go to any weapon shop and sell this god-tier weapon. Ignore the fact that the merchant doesn't have enough gold to buy it, it should still increase your speech skill pretty high. It has to be worth just under 1.47M gold to go from 15 to 100. You can make over-powered potions to increase speech the rest of the way.

There you go! SIX skills from 15 to 100: Alchemy, Smithing, Light Armor, Block, Heavy Armor, Speech. That should give enough level XP to go from level 1 to 44!

-No quests necessary! You can start this as soon as you leave Helgen and finish before you talk to Balgruuf.
-Altmer can get to level 45 from this since they don't start with an increased level in any of these skills.
-Early leveled quests.
-43 skill points!

-With the higher levels come stronger enemies. You'll be chipping away at enemies with lots of HP and high armor ratings early into the game.
-Virtually no increase in any offensive skill is made with this. You'll be swinging Daedric swords with weapon skill 15 and trying to use basic magic spells on Ancient Dragons.
-This costs a lot of gold to pull off. At least 8000 was spent during my test of a new character.
-Gaining more levels will take a while.
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3 years ago#2
Topic title contains the words "without cheating"

OP's post contains the words:

From: NFITC1 | #001
It involves the Fortify Restoration exploit

Yeah, that's totally the same as not cheating. Glad you made that distinction.
3 years ago#3
arleas posted...
Yeah, that's totally the same as not cheating. Glad you made that distinction.

It depends on your definition of cheating which is why it's in quotes in the title. It doesn't use the console, or save game editing, or a glitch, or a bug, or mods. It's an exploit. It redundantly uses a desired behavior past its intended purpose. I'd call it more of a lack of foresight on the developers part than anything else.
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3 years ago#4

From: NFITC1 | #003
or a glitch, or a bug

So exploits are not glitches or bugs? what exactly are they then? Oh no, I get it now... the developers INTENDED for it to be abused, otherwise why else would it be in the game? RIGHT?!

No, please don't explain further, I understand completely.

No, seriously.... don't continue... I don't really care. I only thought it was funny that you say it's not cheating (even though you put it in quotes) and then proceed to rely on an exploit which in your eyes is not a glitch or a bug... I mean, do what you want.. it's a single player game. Have fun.
3 years ago#5
Half the fun of Skyrim is slowly developing your character...
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3 years ago#6
arleas posted...
No, seriously.... don't continue... I don't really care.

It apparently bothered you or you wouldn't have even come back to the topic. Rest assured that any further comments by you, or any troll wishing to be fed, will be ignored by me. I won't bother with a lecture on the differences between cheating and exploiting and I will continue to play this game as I intend.
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3 years ago#7
Felicia_catlady posted...
Half the fun of Skyrim is slowly developing your character...

I totally agree. I have a character that I did level from nothing to level 75 without any of this over-powering nonsense. However, I would also say that the other half of Skyrim is being able to play at your own pace in whatever manner you'd like. I'm not saying that anyone has to do this, but for those that just want to mindlessly increase their levels this is the fastest way I have found that can do it.
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3 years ago#8
We are on the PC what is the point of getting 1-44 in hours when you can do it seconds. Why waste all that time? Write a Bat file with all the stuff you want and presto you are whatever you want with whatever you want however you want.
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3 years ago#9

From: ps2man617 | #008
Why waste all that time?

I think he wants people to congratulate him for finding a bug to abuse or something? Maybe he heard about the guy who found a way to beat Ocarina of time in 20 minutes by using a glitch to skip nearly the entire game and he thought "I could do that on skyrim!". It's not like Bethesda is ever going to fix the bugs either... heh.

But yeah, if you're going to "cheat" (or lie and say you're not "cheating" and then cheat) then why take the long route?
3 years ago#10
glances, if you got potions that fortify HP by that amount you don't need to level none.
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