I can't bind movement to the Keypad?

#1agirlyman360Posted 5/2/2012 4:04:35 PM
I have been excited to play this on the PC for a long while now, even after playing threw the Xbox 360 version a couple times. So today I told myself what the hell, i'll splurge, and get this masterpiece again.

I boot the game up with some cool mods, everything seems fine, although creating my player was a little clunky, but I thought due to the mouse, and keyboard. So everything is fine the game looks amazing as ever, the point comes to where I have to set my key bindings, so I go into the controls menu, and can't set my movement keys to the KP! I play just about every game, any genre the same on PC, i'm right handed but I play left handed, since way back in Quake II.

This key is reserved. . .

Gimme a break, how is this even possible in this day, and age. How could Bethesda bring this game to PC like this? Somebody really dropped the Design ball on this.

So depressed.

P.S. I have an old Logitech PC controller at work, that is my only hope methinks, cause i'm not spending another $50 on a PC controller to play this game.
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#2aiRWaLKRePosted 5/2/2012 11:39:28 PM
Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks

Lets you rebind any key in the game to whatever. Might have to change some that the game reserves for ingame use that the normal ingame menu want let you change or the game will do your bind and the ingame one too. but this is what you will need
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