crashing to desktop (yes another one)

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3 years ago#1
ok id be willing to bet that people have posted about this on this forum before and for aa repeat i am sorry. i have reported this to bethesda forums but i havent gotten an answer yet so again i am sorry that i am probably yet another one complaining about this. i know this is a universal problem and am just wondering what worked best for you? could you reccomend something i havent tried?

the crashes happen at complete random, sometimes i can go a few hours without a crash, other times its every 20min. it also doesnt seem to matter where i am, cities, out in the world, caves, whatever it still happens. i tried adjusting my speaker properties to lower settings but that made it worce. i havent tried that 4gb mod simply because i am a little scetchy about downloading off sites i dont use (if u urself have downloaded this and it fixed the problem, would you tell me where you got it from cause iv heard that can work, please?). i cant tell for 100% certain if using the mods from the steam workshop are causing them because i didnt have this problem before i got the mods, but even after i unsubscribed to them all i still got the crash.

anyway if you have any ideas that would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
3 years ago#2
sorry for the double post but i thought id provide a small list of the mods from the workshop i have installed

fall of the space core
aela facelift
more rain
amazing follower tweaks
upgradable wuuthrad and shield of ysgramor
horse armors
improved blacksmithing
nord hero armor: a companions and ancient nord overhaul
recruit more blades - skyhaven temple enhanced
bandoiler - bags and pouches
mjoll facelift
the dovakhins palace
beautiful riften
water and terrain enhancement redux (i think that might be conflicting with the more rain mod but when tested still got the same problem)
beautiful whiterun
required file for beautiful whiterun mod
lush grass
lush trees
riverwood enhanced
birds and flocks

for a while there i also had the mercenaries mod but i got rid of it thinking it was conflicting with the amazing follower mod.
is there possibly something there that is causing this problem?
3 years ago#3
It is most likely the sound engine crashing. The most recent PC update fixes this.
3 years ago#4
P.S. If it is the sound engine, setting your sound at 44,100 khz (or 48 khz) at 16 (or 24) bit is a work around. If this does not help, turn off AA and Realtime shadows. It could be your grafx processor is getting too hot.
3 years ago#5

If you have a 64 bit system, do not use the 4 gb mod.
3 years ago#6
thanks for the advice, ill give it a shot and see if it works, ill let u know how it turns out.
3 years ago#7
well....that didnt take long, i loaded it up and played for about 5min. i dont thnk thats the case im afraid
3 years ago#8
thunderwolf86 posted...
well....that didnt take long, i loaded it up and played for about 5min. i dont thnk thats the case im afraid

Sorry! The sound thing was what did me in. As soon as I changed it it was like playing a new game. Try putting your grafx settings on Low (just for grins) while keeping your sound settings to 44,100 KHZ / 16 bit and see if you are able to play longer.
3 years ago#9
fraid not, that was one of the first things i tried and it was a no go
3 years ago#10
this is just a small thing but are you alt+tab'ing by accident? I do it once in a blue moon and my comp does this occasionally
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