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3 years ago#1
I miss the display cases Oblivion had. The house with the hired maid had several. Put about 40 necklaces in one. Fun to watch them try to escape through the top and sides. Filled another with gems. They jiggled around and made a clinking sound. Filled a third with gold and silver nuggets. That didn't work out. Came back later and it looked like it exploded. Nuggets everywhere.

Skyrim cases are no fun. Put 5 diamonds in one. Came back later and they are on the floor. Where's the fun in that? Any way to change this?
3 years ago#2
don't you know of the mischievious house imp?
3 years ago#3
I better place some runes pronto
3 years ago#4
Solitude house has a terrible habit of losing things. I lost a dagger in a dagger case and also a sword that was mounted on the wall. To bad since otherwise I think Solitude has the best house, but dang if you can use the cases and wall mounts then want's the point.
I'm glad your opinion differs from mine. What a boring place this world would be if it didn't.

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