Permanently hide mouse fix

#1Tech_GuRu73Posted 6/17/2012 12:02:14 AM
As far as i know this bug mostly only affects multi monitor setups.

This solution will completely fix the problem. You may have to tweak the command line to exclude more cursor types if you run apps that change the cursor type at the same time as you have skyrim running.

Warning this program will completely hide your mouse. If you are not familiar with short cuts like

ctrl + r = run, then type cmd.exe

alt + tab = switch between open applications

then you may think twice about using this app

Download this archive (im using version 1.5 beta on nvidia gtx580 Win764-bit)

open the archive and save the two files somewhere.

Use dos/cmd.exe/shell w/e to execute it as

"nomousy.exe /hide" - This hides the mouse cursor

"nomousy.exe /show" - This makes the mouse cursor visible again