Help installing SKSE..

#1OrduhnPosted 6/22/2012 6:47:39 PM
I downloaded the mod, and extracted the zip into a folder on my desktop. I followed the readme file within it, I put all the .dll files and exe file into the skyrim directory. I put all of the .pex files from the scripts folder in the zip into the games scripts folder. I made a shortcut for the skse loader and put it on my desktop. I'm nearly certain I installed everything correctly, but whenever I start the game with the loader it crashes after the bethesda logo. Can anyone help me out with this? It seems like it should be simpler than what Im making it out to be.
#2Blitz4532Posted 6/22/2012 7:07:27 PM
Did you over-write the data file in the Skyrim folder with the updated SKSE one?
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#3Orduhn(Topic Creator)Posted 6/22/2012 7:14:42 PM
Honestly, i dont know. I'm new at this, sorry. I do know that, in my data folder, theres a bunch of skyre esp files from when I tried doing this same thing a week ago. Had the same problem then. Maybe it would just be better if I delete the skyrim folder, redownload it and try it again from scratch.
#4ProtqgonistPosted 6/22/2012 7:23:05 PM
Just take all the files from the skse folder (the one with the Data folder, skse loader, etc.) and copy it all to your skyrim directory (the one with the Data folder and the skyrim launcher, etc.). It should work just fine like that.

There may be some other problem with your mods that could be crashing it. Try loading up the regular game and seeing which esp or esm files you have loaded in the data files option on the splash menu.
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#5ProtqgonistPosted 6/22/2012 7:25:30 PM
Also, if you're using mods such as SkyRe, I would suggest using the nexus mod manager as it makes things a bit easier to install (not skse, but most mods).
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#6Orduhn(Topic Creator)Posted 6/22/2012 7:48:08 PM
I was using the nexus mod manager. I just opened it up and realized that there was a caution symbol under the latest version tab, which I assume means that its out of date. I unselected the skyre plugins through the manager and deleted the mod completely, started the game through the skse loader and the game started fine. I'm not sure if the skyre mod was actually out of date or if I just dont know what I'm doing yet though. What all do I have to download for the skyre mod?
#7ProtqgonistPosted 6/22/2012 9:39:12 PM
Just download the latest version from skyrimnexus and when you install it through NMM it'll ask which modules you want and such.

You also need the Wot3e resources (which can be found on the same page) for the weapons
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