Deadliest poison?

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User Info: Rawe

4 years ago#1
What is the most damage dealing poison in this game, i remember oblivion having pretty crazy poisons.
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User Info: Megawizard

4 years ago#2
There's one that's unique and is part of a guild quest, so I won't say which. The plant itself is Jarrin Root. 2nd in line is Crimson Nirnroot, which is only found in Blackreach, which is part of the main questline. I think you can go there whenever ya want though. That's for making them anyway. Pre-made ones are Deadly Poison for 65 points of damage, and the Deadly Paralysis Poison for 15 seconds of paralysis. Basically "Deadly"'s the top prefix.
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User Info: guncaddy

4 years ago#3
if you want one that works effectively and is relatively easy to use as a stealthy character, you want imp stool, human flesh, and slaughterfish eggs. it creates a paralyzing potion that deals a burst then leaves a lingering poison damage effect.

there's also one that's more combat oriented, deathbell, giant lichen, skeever tail. does weaker damage in only a burst, but makes the target weaker to poison at the same time.

i've done some tests with the alchemy/enchanting/smithing exploit, plus a mod that adds earrings (all enchantable, and all can be worn at once and use head slot enchantments for a total of 12 pieces), and the alchemy revisited mod, 56% better potions per piece, if i make the first poison i said, 331 burst poison, 166/dps for 10 seconds lingering, and paralyzed for the entire duration.

mods used
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User Info: Talos_09

4 years ago#4
I always use the deadly poison until I level up some.
Then make poison with:
River Betty - 106E1A
Nightshade - 2F44C
Jarrin Root - 1BCBC

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