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Could this be the best answer to most 1.6 patch CTDs ?

#1morgynnPosted 7/19/2012 3:46:45 PM(edited)
After Steam updated the 1.6 patch, I started getting CTDs too. I did everything - reinstalled, etc. I tested continually to see if it was only in certain areas, or after a certain length of time ingame. Still didn't compute.

Then, after seeing a tip , I tested it re. the distance sliders. I racked them all down to near zero, then gradually raised them. Success. Didn't get CTDs until I was well up on all the sliders at once, like around 2/3rds from zero.

My card is an EVGA GTX 460 Super-clocked so it normally handled the game O.K.
My "compromise" is to keep the slider "Objects" and "items" way up high, to see enemies and creatures from afar, whilst "Grass" and the rest down to about 1/3rd. The distance slider re. mountains is an unecessary so it stays around 1/3rd too.

I believe that when all the distance sliders are kept way up high the CTDs come because it's due to the sudden need to bring so much overall detail rapidly onscreen continually, especially when coming near to forts or towns. (That's my layman understanding of it)

Hope it helps.
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#2katarokinimotoPosted 7/19/2012 7:09:14 PM
thank god, I thought I was the only one who got this, it was like all of a sudden my computer was getting overwhelmed by the graphics settings it could handle perfectly fine until now. They really need to fix this it's ridiculous, thanks for the advice to use in the meantime.
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