Hearthfire - Wife won't move in

#1FaytmybuttPosted 10/5/2012 9:05:12 PM
I married Syljgia and all she does is say " oh you have children, we need a place to move in. " I tell her Lakeview Manor, she goes " ok. " and then proceeds to leave for Shors Stone.

I console command her to the house, she goes and heads back to Shors Stone.

I try to get her to move somewhere else, maybe into breezehome she goes " Sure, but where? " and then kicks me out of the menu and goes " Goodbye my love. " and leaves for Shors Stone.

I've tried remarrying her, rezzing her, killing her then rezzing her, disabling and enabling her, moving her directly to my house but no matter what she goes back to Shors Stone.
#2MagenieusPosted 10/5/2012 10:28:05 PM
Shor Stone. Stupid woman not in Falkreath.
Me Neither
#3Faytmybutt(Topic Creator)Posted 10/6/2012 5:12:13 AM(edited)
Well I added her to the follower faction, took her home, used the UFO command " Relax for a while " and now she's at home.

No dialogue for "hows our child" or anything like that, but I'll take what I can get.

As long as I both get Father's Love ( or whatever the sleeping perk is for having a child) and Lover's Comfort out of the deal, Idc.