so yet another Hearthfire problem...

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4 years ago#1
I dont know if this problem has been talked about on this forum yet, but im having an issue w/ items I'm making on the drafting table not showing up at all. No foundation or anything. This is happening at the Dawnstar and Morthal building areas. The other one is working fine and is nicely pimped out, but nothing is showing up in the other 2 areas. Im not running any other house mods. I am running all of the unofficial patches. Anyone else ran into this issue and maybe has a fix for it?? Thanks in advance.
4 years ago#2
heya, i had exactly the same problem, i went through all my mods activating one by one, the one causng the problem was called "Distant detail". now its working just fine... hope this helps
4 years ago#3
thx for the info. I dont have that mod that was giving u the issue. I guess I'll wait till my next day of and do what u did w/ the unchecking mods 1 by 1. Worst case.. be happy w/ the one house thats working and forget the rest of it. Some of the mods i have running are far more important to me than 2 more houses.
4 years ago#4
Disable everything except hearthfire, start a new game, see if you can build them.
4 years ago#5
Ugh, is it really a mod conflict issue? That's annoying, none of my mods should intefere with it
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  3. so yet another Hearthfire problem...

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