Best LOTR mods

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4 years ago#1
Hi guys,

Just watched the trilogy again and recently got back into Skyrim. Was wondering what are any and all LOTR mods? Thanks!
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4 years ago#2

It's like LMGTFY but with Nexus.
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4 years ago#3

But they're having problems right now with Warner Bros. How I frecking hate big corps.
4 years ago#4
ya i saw that, that's really too bad. It seems like the project will never be finished.
PSN: amg123 GT: skilletbun
4 years ago#5
Well dratz, Whiterun had already closely resemble Edoras and the relatively open fields of the central part of Skyrim did remind me of Rohan so I woulda love a Lord of the Rings overhaul done to the game
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