RCRN and HiAlgoboost and other mods advice?

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Hi guys,

Saw these mods on the nexus, anyone using these? What are they like?
I have an i5-2500 @3.3 Ghz,GTX 560 and 8 GB of ram. Originally I had the Official HD texture pack, HD plants and herbs, HD trees (i think that's the name), Vurt's flora overhaul and increased distance detail. Usually the gameplay is pretty smooth except once in a while it will freeze up and when I spin quick it will freeze for a second as well. I am just wondering what visual mods I could run with the rig. I am interested in ENB realism because I heard it's good and not a huge hit to FPS. Thanks for the help. Also I am interested in the 2k textures. I read that the HD plants is tough on rigs so any advice?
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For textures get the texture pack combiner. Get everything for it.
It works fine on my 550ti, it'll hit your processor more. but yours is fine.

For an enb get unbleak and the enb customizor, turn off dof and you'll get somme preformance back. Set shadows to medium, unbleak will handle those instead.
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thanks a lot!
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how do you turn of dof?
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How is that 550Ti? I'm considering buying it, as it is on Amazon for 110 dollars new. Very good card or not that great?

Recommend Project ENB because my old 1GB ATI HD 4890 can run it with DoF turned off in the .ini file, and that's with the official hi res packs.

Go into ENBSeries.ini and look for, under [EFFECT]


change that to