Why wont the mod I installed work?

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4 years ago#1
I have been messing around with mods for a few days now and it really isnt hard to follow instructions the people have to get them working but I have an issue with these two mods.

Perfect Whiterun:


Beautiful Whiterun:

First I got Perfect Whiterun using NMM. I enabled it and checked the my Skyrim>Data folder and the file whiterun spruce by revan1199.esp is in fact there. However, when I run the game Whiterun has not changed at all. The exact same problem happened with the Beautiful Skyrim Mod. The .esp files appear where they should be(or where I believe they should be) but nothing in game is changed. Any suggestions on what I should do? The people in the comments on the Skyrim Nexus seem to have gotten it to work so I must be doing something wrong.
4 years ago#2
Do you check (*activate) them in the Launcher>Data?
4 years ago#3
I am using NMM and on the Mods panel it is checked(so mod files have been placed in) and on the plugin panel they have also been check so it should be "on". However if I don't use NMM and just launch the game the "Data Files" option is grayed out and I can't select it.
4 years ago#4
there is a line you have to add to your Ini file to enable them, an di'm pretty sure, even when using NMM that it still needs to be added, most mods that have been around a while have it on their discription page, but just incase..add this in the Prefs Ini under the launcher heading

4 years ago#5
Add this line in SkyrimPref.ini under [Launcher]
4 years ago#6
Its already there. That exact like under [Launcher] and it =1
4 years ago#7
have you ried a manual install of either?

try it, just drag and drop the items in the down load into the data folder. and sinc eyou said you think they where in the right place, copy or type out the location fully here to make sure.
4 years ago#8
Are you sure the SkyrimPref.ini which is located in Skyrim save folder?

It is in My Documents\My Games\Skyrim

Not the one located in the install directory.
4 years ago#9
Are you using a mod that alters cities? Specifically Whiterun. Make sure to run BOSS.
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4 years ago#10
Okay let me write down where im putting it and where the preferences are and also what is BOSS?
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