Do you guys ever wonder what went through the minds of Bethesda?

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bshwalker posted...
Irreally believe that in order to get the game out on the promised 11/11/11, they left a lot of stuff unfinished or not in the game game at all.
Bards College. Why is that even in the game? It offers absolutely nothing and is really a waste of time.

The equivalent of a miniature, all-skills Ogham Infinium is "nothing" now?
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Exploring is probably the best thing they have done but yeah some things could have been a lot better.
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ShimmerMan posted...
What should be in the perk system then?. WHat else is there to do with a sword in an RPG besides do more damage/swing faster etc? Action RPGs and RPGs mostly come down to number crunching and maximizing damage.. That's what people enjoy about the genre.. They don't want fancy combat they want to grind and increase their characters damage and kill faster and then acquire better loot.

To build dragonbone armor the player needs 100 smithing so it's not exactly a matter of just picking up dragonbones and making dragonbone armor.

different ways to use your sword. special attacks with a sword. combos. special attacks with specific swords. they weapons dont change how you play the game. for example all those cool moves in kill cams could have been actual attacks you use.
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Yep, timed parry's, counter attacks ( just with % dmg increases and inc stagger ) a dodge button could of been done pretty easily.

With all the mods out though, you can easily create a balanced challenging experience, and there's tons of content to make it more rewarding to explore as well. But yeah, more thought could of gone into vanilla. That being said, i still love Skyrim. I just worry it will get toooo dumbed down to the point mods can't even save the series in the next go around.
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I think marriage was just added as a sort of test to include in the next Fallout game. Like in the original FO, you could prostitute your wife or something, I never actually tried it. I'm sorry, I'm just not as interested in Elder Scrolls as I am in Fallout.

As for the rest, I think they were expecting, no, they were depending on user mods for the players to make the game more interesting for themselves.
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I just don't like paying full price for any video game, including DLC.
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IMO the 2 greatest weakness of Skyrim are it's lack of role playing elements and linearity of the quests, and the redundancy of money and therefore quest rewards.

1. For a role playing game, Skyrim gives you surprisingly few real options when dealing with people and quests. The most common example is how you're the Blades' b**** throughout the whole game and you have NO say in anything they do.
Another example is the Dark Brotherhood. Maybe it's because I'm familiar with Oblivion, but the DB in Skyrim is nothing more than a group of common thugs. When Cicero shows up with the Night Mother I was so excited to get back to the old ways with the tenets and Sithis. But nooooo the game decides for you that you are for some reason loyal to Astrid despite the fact that she has all the charisma of a sock.

And why do you have so few dialog options? It's nice that they finally have proper voice actors in the game, but for goodness sake why do I only ever get to respond in 1 way? Were they too lazy or strapped for time to have the voice actors respond to more than 1 dialog? Both Fallout 3 and especially Fallout New Vegas did a much better job with this, and I hope they fix it for FO4.

2. Money is borderline worthless and you'll smith or find weapons long before shops sell them. I place the blame here on shops taking too long to get good gear, and the fact that you can loot and sell everything from a corpse. The actual money you get from a quest always pales in comparison to the loot you got. The whole economy of Skyrim needs to be redone IMO. And I know there's a mod for it.
I think FO3 did a slightly better job for this since you would always be buying stimpacks and extra ammo, so it at least gave you something to spend money on. Looting also didn't get you as much since weapons would always be in poor condition and you'd have to repair them to make any decent money.

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bshwalker posted...
Irreally believe that in order to get the game out on the promised 11/11/11, they left a lot of stuff unfinished or not in the game game at all.
Bards College. Why is that even in the game? It offers absolutely nothing and is really a waste of time.
Marriage. See above.
If you browse the ck, you'll see a lot of stuff that was unused. If you try to activate some of them, they don't work.
Fatigue is one example and crossbows are another.
The DLC seems to be just implementation of things that should have been in the vanilla game, didn't make the 11/11/11 deadline and was thrown in later.

I think Beth was thinking, "Get it out on time!" and nothing else.
Took a few months to get the ck out!

The reason things that you call useless are in the game is because they add depth. The point of Skyrim is that there is so much stuff to do, you don't ever have to do it all. It's a realistic (sort of) world that you can get lost in. In the real world, someone might choose to spend their time in a way you deem useless, but someone has to be a bard. The fact that they thought to include a place where bards are trained and where you can go too just shows how much painstaking detail Bethesda put in. You can go and poke holes in what they left out, but ultimately, there is no better, more detailed game you can go play.
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Will you people ever be happy? Sure, this game doesn't have everything perfect, but it is by far one of the best games made. You need to take it for what is it, not for what it should have been. Bethesda did a hell of a job on this game. This thread just proves that video game developers can never please everybody....Don't like something? Download a mod to fix it and quiet down.
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