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3 years ago#1
Anyone use both? I'm trying to figure out something.

There is clearly a 1nivWICCloaksNoGuards.esp patch for Cloaks of Skyrim, just like there is for every other version of WIC. But Boss says "Incompatible with: Cloaks of skyrim (even with compatibility patch). To fix this use another WICCloaks esp or uninstall cloaks of skyrim."

What does this .esp do if not make it compatible with Cloaks of Skyrim? I want my guards to wear the nice hold cloaks from CoS, but adding WIC makes them sometimes wear random fur cloaks. I've been playing just fine with this active, but idk if maybe I'm not actually getting CoS cloaks in my leveled lists let's say. So what exactly is it incompatible with if I can still run the game and have seen both cloaks? Or is BOSS just lying and not updated from a time before NoGuards.esp patch was available?

Even the Nexus page for WIC says "DO NOT USE WITH COS" for the Noguards version, but then the noguards compatibility patch is clearly listed as meant to work with the No guards version.


Thank you.
3 years ago#2
From my understanding, it's only a compatibility patch for the two to work together, however this doesn't include guards - they can't both edit them. If you want to use both, you have to have Cloaks of Skyrim's editing of guards.
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