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Midas magic or Apocalypse magic?
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Guys contact the SKSE Team. Let them know how you feel about Valve's decision.
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Like things that have always been free, but decide you now want to pay for them?
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Someone finally makes an animated fishing mod...blargargy44/25 10:31PM
Never played a Western RPG in my life, is this a good start?Supremo84/25 10:24PM
AddItemMenu - AWESOME hot new mod for anyone who has lots of mods
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Wet and Cold is being taken down via DMCA....Lord_Vader104/25 6:40PM
Steam bringing paid mods to the Workshop
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Recommend me good mods
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ENB n00b questionsirtaj14/25 2:58PM
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Someone needs to make a mod about the whole mod war going on right now
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I can only see one bright side to paid modding...agentspoon24/25 9:09AM
Paid Mod Creator gets burned by Valve already
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Steam doesn't refund mods
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