This game has poor design

#1JonnyBigBossPosted 3/17/2012 11:34:41 AM
I snowboard in real life and love the SSX series. With that said, this game might not be what you expect when you go to the store and buy it. I read a lot of reviews prior to purchasing the game but was pretty disappointed that many of them didn't mention some of the most concerning factors of the game. Here is a list of facts you should be aware of that I wish I was:

1. This game has great gameplay. No seriously, it's a blast to roll down the hill doing tricks, but are you really surprised?

2. Level design is awful. There are traps everywhere and it feels more like a platformer from the NES than a modern snowboarding game.

3. The game gets in your way. You'll want to just race down a mountain going fast and having fun, but you'll be thrown dozens of levels where you're doing something agonizing instead.

4. Half or more of the "deadly descents" are facepalm material. Avalanche, cave, etc. are all things that lead me to believe that EA doesn't have an internal testing department.

5. Bad implementation of multi-player. Enjoy playing with a friend? Too bad. There is no co-op, and you sure as heck can't race someone online in the traditional sense. This is arguably the biggest problem with the game.

6. Disintegration of the player. You're constantly forced to play different characters in campaign mode and you have little to no choice.

7. The store is confusing. Most of the stuff on there isn't an upgrade, and the entire interface looks like something meant to make you upset.

Let me offer you advice: unless you find this game on sale, DON'T BUY IT. I am this game's demographic: a 25 year old male who loves snowboarding, SSX, and going fast. However, this game ticks me off, offers me very little fun, and just screams poor design.

If you disagree with my opinion, I am jealous of you. I spent $60 on this game and borderline hate it. You think I want to hate it? Heck no. But I do.

TLDR: Don't buy this game unless you feel like you have to.
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1. This contradicts your whole argument.

2. Yes, it's purposely like that. The whole idea was to challenge people with the World's most deadly descents...did you not follow the story line in World Tour at all?

3. What is this i don't even

4. Avalanche is an awesome addition, as is the Wingsuit, Ice Axes, Solar Panels...they are all extremely creative. I don't know how you could facepalm at such innovative ideas. Wait I know, it's because you snowboard in real life and expect it to be the exact same thing.

5. There is an awesome online multiplayer in case you didn't realize, it's called RiderNet. And obviously there's no split screen, that would be too much to do. Split screen worked when you only had a few drops in a game, but when you have 159 drops to do split screen for, it's not easy.

6. What is this I don't even...I have all 9 SSX team members, Griff, Eddie, and Travis. That's a whopping 12 characters, I don't know how that's no choice...

7. It's not confusing at all. You can purchase items using your credits, and then equip them, and if you don't like your gear, you can sell it back. And yes there are upgrades, but the there once you level up your characters. Don't be frustrated because you can't get better gear because you didn't try hard enough.

You should be jealous of me, because I have patience. I learned how to play, and you clearly didn't because I felt the same way as you did before I learned how to play. And when I say learn how to play, I mean learn how to get better. I got better because I tried as hard as I could until I could beat my friends' high scores. I had determination. You however, don't have much of that, at least when it comes to learning how to play this game.

So if you don't like it, go sell the game and go buy some $40 snowboarding jacket that you can wear outside so you don't get cold while you snowboard. Don't go telling other people that the game sucks, when in reality, you're just not that good at it.

Excuse me if I am being impolite at all, or assuming that you aren't good, it just sounds like it by the way you voiced your opinion.
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Eh you sound pretty committed to enjoying the game so I won't bother countering your points, but I still feel I offer a strong insight for most consumers.

If you're considering buying the game read both of our posts then decide. There's a chance you might like it, but the odds aren't in your favor.
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Oh and for the record I beat the game yesterday and I assure you I'm good at the game. Being good or bad at the game has nothing to do with it. I can just distinguish good design from bad after playing games for as long as I have.
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Wait you beat the game? You Golded every single of the 159 drops?? You got all the badges and trophies? No? That's beating the game (aside from the 50k Global Event badge). People have done all that. I'm pretty darn close, but I'm not there yet because I'm not as good as I can be, and so I'm trying to get better.

To beat World Tour you need a Bronze Medal or higher on every drop, and considering there are only 4 people including you per drop, there's almost no way not to get through. World Tour is an introduction to new players. Explore is a challenge for more experienced players.
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2. Level design is awful. There are traps everywhere and it feels more like a platformer from the NES than a modern snowboarding game.

Stopped reading there
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JonnyBigBoss posted...
I snowboard in real life...... I am this game's demographic: a 25 year old male who loves snowboarding.

This made me Lol twice at the entire thing.

You seriously think they're targeting people who actually snowboard? That's what those other crap snowboard games are targeting.
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Everyone quit feeding the troll
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BlazeRunner posted...
Everyone quit feeding the troll

Actually I'm 100% serious. To those of you attacking me I was prepared for such since this is the SSX board after-all. This thread isn't aimed at you guys, it's aimed at the person who will come here to read about it before buying, which is obviously not a majority. Keep posting to bump this thread so more people can read it...
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I feel the same about the trails. You spend more focus on not falling in the mountain traps than the objective. I have to restart the mission like 20+ times.
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