Im a black man

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3 years ago#1
And Im going to be getting this game, why do you all hate me?
3 years ago#2
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3 years ago#3
what do you all have against black people?
3 years ago#4
I hate everybody so you shouldn't ask me.
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(message deleted)
3 years ago#6
I actually can't wait to play prototype 2. And Heller being black never crossed my mind. I guess most of this board is from the south.
PSN: Nate_the_Great8
3 years ago#7

I'm not white but yet I have no trouble playing as a white guy in a video game. I wonder why that is....oh lol I know why!

Because i'm not a closet racist! That's why!

One more thing. I was able to relate to Mercer more than I believe I can relate to Heller. Why you ask?

Mercer wasn't a family man. He had a lifestyle that I could see myself living. Far more so than Heller. The whole wife and kids thing is not me at all. I detest children and marriage is folly.

Feeling as if you can relate to someone simply because of their skin color and not because of the life that live is silly.
"When the shades of night are falling...comes a fellow everyone knows."
"It's the old dope peddler...spreading joy wherever he goes."
3 years ago#8

The only time I'll even notice he's black is when he talks or during cutscenes, it's sad that you're so close minded that you can't play as a black man. I was racist during middle school, or mabey that's because all middle school kids are idiots, anyway I got over it because I had black friends, and oh I don't know, common sense? Is that what they call it?

3 years ago#9

*end rant

3 years ago#10
Its because kids play video games as well, and those kids more than likely grew up in white suburbia..where they are not around black people...and where there parents have also never been around black people, so they never have much of a chance to outgrow this racist attitude from the 60's...its just a white kid thing, I would like to think that most young adults now...are not like that....but Gfaqs is not the place to see that advancement..
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