Trying to get the "Road Rage" Trophy

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3 years ago#1
Road Rage (Silver) Destroy 10 Blackwatch tanks, APCs or helicopters using a single hijacked tank or APC.

Anyone know what an APC looks like. I know you can hijack a tank and a helicopter, but what & where is an APC to hijack? I beat the game already. BTW tanks suck in this game.
3 years ago#2
APC stands for Armored Personnel Carrier. They're the armored, tank-like vehicles with wheels that usually show up before the tanks do. They're pretty common whenever Blackwatch has any sort of vehicles around, though they're probably more common in the Yellow Zone than the Red Zone.
3 years ago#3
There's a really easy spot in the RZ...I wish I could tell you specifically where it is, but it's near a base (on top of a building). There's an unmanned APC, and a helicopter down the road. You can drive back and forth between the two and they keep spawning, but killing them doesn't raise your alert to Red right away.
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3 years ago#4
Anyone know if using an APC, taking out a chopper/tank and then exiting to allow the alert to wear off works for this trophy?

I mean, kill a few things, exit....hide.....return to the APC/Tank and repeat.

Or does it all have to be done in one go?
3 years ago#5
You can get a good headstart towards the goal of 10 vehicles by Stealth Hijacking (military disguise) a Tank or APC in a base that has some of target vehicles (Tanks, APCs, helicopters) parked in the lot.

Hijack a Tank or APC and start shooting the parked vehicles first.

The trophy does not say that these 10 vehicles have to be attacking you!
3 years ago#6
I found a glitch in the yellow zone. I just killed the apc, went around the block then it respawned. So it was super easy for me, just repetitive.
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3 years ago#7
I just circled a big military base in the red zone with a thermobaric tank, plenty of other tanks, helicopters and stuff with a lot of firepower to go around :)
3 years ago#8
Just ride around in the red zone. Most tanks and helicopters can be destroyed without raising an alarm.
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