where could i find CPL Jeffrey Fasold?...spoiler

#1Hello_Kitty_75Posted 4/28/2012 9:51:14 PM

where could i find him?

i watched the walkthough, i know he is a solider with a big gun.

but in this game it has so many group of solider in different place, so it is so hard to find him out.

Where could i find him?

#2PS3Gamer5000Posted 4/28/2012 9:59:02 PM
Probably hunting; I don't know all these guys by name but if he's linked to the Blacknet then just go to the terminals even if you haven't already consumed him. That will instead open the objective to hunt and consume him.

If this is part of a story mission then just hunt him like you would have after visiting the terminal (see previous explanation).

Hope that helps, even if just a little bit. Can't think of a better way to explain it since I don't know the specific guy. ^^'
#3Hello_Kitty_75(Topic Creator)Posted 4/28/2012 11:22:25 PM

which area or which street could i find him?

#4TsunamiRoarPosted 4/29/2012 2:51:33 AM
Click the Left Stick to send out a radar ping right after you've activated the //blacknet console and it should lead you right to him.
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