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#1Eclipse65Posted 5/6/2012 4:29:13 PM
In my attempt to score high on each of the Radnet Challenges available at this time I came across Grenade Artist as my next challenge to top. Trying to complete this the first time to finish the event set I read different posts about where to get the kills. But from what I read the most kills players were getting are up to 38. The score I achieved just to complete the challenge was 36, and I wasn't looking just to add one or two kills to my score.

I think the biggest part of these challenges of trying to amass the most kills is to find highly populated areas, most likely infected, to rack up those kills. And I though that was my problem at first with this challenge.

I found myself at the military base where you had to control the juggernauts to break in, Labour of Love I believe. I put the base on alert at one point causing multiple blackwatch troops to spawn. After escaping the alert there were a couple of grenade launchers to test around with. Two to three launchers later I had no results, but I still had two left on the ground. So I picked one up and placed it near the entrance where I would be standing firing off rounds, and then took the second one in hand. Turning in different directions I fired off the collective two dozen rounds and received 69 kills in my attempt, one more than the top developer's score.

Lastly I'm staring at the TOW and Missile launcher challenges thinking how am I possibly going to accumulate so many kills with these two weapons.

TL;DR where do you get most of your challenge kills(weapons and powers, eg blade and bio-bomb)? how did you get so many kills with either the TOW or missile launcher? would you need two sets of the weapon?
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There is a place, in the yellow zone, where there are about fifteen to twenty people protesting Blackwatch in front of a military base. Also, inside the base are some caged people. To get there quickly, go to the Rampage:Outbreak event in the second set.
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#3NightScreamPosted 5/7/2012 9:53:56 AM
Somewhere in the northern Red Zone I got my grenade artist up to 88.
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