I honestly want to play as mercer -.-

#1VD3SPARDAPosted 5/7/2012 7:58:45 AM
I got this game as a birthday gift though i just dont feel like playing it till the skin is out -.-
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#2shads3055Posted 5/7/2012 8:02:49 AM
its out tomorrow
#3MetroidMewtwoPosted 5/7/2012 8:08:32 AM
shads3055 posted...
its out tomorrow

What? No, the Mercer skin isn't out tomorrow, it's only unlockable sometime in June when the fifth and final set of RADNET challenges is unlocked, and even then you have to complete all five RADNET Challenge sets to do so.
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#4VD3SPARDA(Topic Creator)Posted 5/7/2012 8:08:43 AM
How do i obtain it anyway?
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#5NightScreamPosted 5/7/2012 8:50:53 AM
Finish all the radnet challenges. If you complete all 5 sets, you unlock the mercer skin for the campaign.
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#6Gamehunter23Posted 5/7/2012 7:31:55 PM
You still have to play as Heller to unlock the Mercer skin.
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#7legendX66Posted 5/7/2012 7:47:00 PM
cry me a river build a bridge and get over it. lol jk but still...
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#8MERCERnaryPosted 5/7/2012 11:32:44 PM
According to the poll (on this site) there's about a 50/50 split between people who prefer Mercer and Heller... I'm hoping the Devs get clever as Hell in ideas for Prototype 3. The difference between 1 and 2 was not good enough to warrant a lot of praise in my eyes (Some reviews even gave it a WORSE score than the first because they didn't change much)...

If they were wise they'd figure a way to make both return and add in some crazy co-op. Imagine playing Prototype with a buddy... THAT would get some insane love from the fans without question in my eyes.
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#9zegram33Posted 5/8/2012 9:11:18 AM
im genuinley suprised, with the sheer amount of evolved in this game, that they didnt allow us to create our own evolved with two powers, and have a free roam multiplayer in the cities.
say, 6 people in one "zone", either just roaming around, doing missions, or fighting each other
#10gphjr14Posted 5/8/2012 9:13:23 AM
Play the first game, problem solved.
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