This game is too easy

#1dead_assassinPosted 5/14/2012 9:31:46 PM
FUN but easy. I am flying through the game with no difficulty at all and I am playing on Hard. Trophies are popping frequently, its kind of disappointing as far as difficulty goes. If I platinum this game too fast, I will just end up trading it in. I heard Prototype, the original, was MUCH more difficult but I never played it. But honestly I find this game to be even more fun than inFamous, which was a pretty good game but IMO nowhere near as fun as this.
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#2DevilKnightPosted 5/15/2012 8:53:38 AM(edited)
Prototype was tougher, but it was something of a design issue, as it was prone to erratic difficulty spikes. The military was also much more aggressive, persistent, and overwhelming in larger numbers. The late game chopper strike teams would chase you half-way across New York.

The checkpoint system in Prototype 2 is pretty bad. It's way too lenient and gives full health respawns from almost exactly where you died. You can also leave the military eating your dust with one jump and a costume change, and it takes more to alert them to your actions.
#3RockyLightPosted 5/15/2012 2:48:19 PM
Add in the fact that you couldn't block and parry attacks like in this game (although you can be much more agile and quick in P1), you can't reflect projectiles back at the senders either (can block them with the shield but the shields in P1 can break, you can't just sit there blocking for infinity like in P2. This made the late-game strike teams in hard mode very annoying), and the enemies are overall more powerful (Leader Hunters are pretty much stronger and more dangerous opponents than anything in this game except Mercer himself, and I'd say every boss fight in the first game is harder than Mercer in P2). The first game in hard difficulty is quite challenging, this one even on Insane difficulty is a cakewalk compared to P1 hard mode.
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#4The_King82Posted 5/15/2012 4:10:08 PM
It's easy because they make Heller so damn powerful. The mutations help out a lot. I did a no mutations run but by the time I got to the Red Zone, I said "F" it and went back to get the mutations.
Also the enemies aren't so tough. I was expecting an epic fight against the Goliath but it was pretty underwhelming. Same with Alex.
One of the easiest Platinum Trophies I've gotten so far.
#5dead_assassin(Topic Creator)Posted 5/16/2012 8:40:40 AM
Yeah, seriously, Heller is a combination of several superheros. I see The Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-man... and surely other superheros combined in this guy. Super jumping, shape-shifting, rapid healing, gnarly claws that cut through nearly anything....

But on the positive side, the game really is fun, but its like playing a regular game with cheat codes enabled. I can't complain really, because the fun factor far outweighs the toned-down difficulty level. rated this a 2/10 platinum difficulty, which is pretty bad. They considered Disney's UP and Terminatar: Salvation harder to platinum than this, and that is pretty bad lol.
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#6shanjoPosted 5/16/2012 9:32:10 AM
As much as I like it, I gotta agree about how easy it is. I literally only had to try for 4 Trophies. The rest I got simply by playing the game through the story. one of my easiest platinum's :/
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