Your Awesome Moments

#1razer99Posted 5/24/2012 8:02:54 AM
Tell us your most awesome moments.

I was at the north helipad in the red zone and a strike team was after me. I jumped on one of the helicopters, ripped the rocket launcher off it and fired at it twice as i fell to the roof, just as i hit the ground i hit the shield button to bounce back a rocket from the other helicopter, and both helicopters were destroyed at once and land on top of me. Strike Team Destroyed.
#2vgman94Posted 5/24/2012 1:35:38 PM
Once while I was done with the mission where you follow those Firehawk commanders, the one where you escort them in a plane and then in a ground vehicle (them, not you). Second time I did it, I got an alert just after finishing it and ran to an area where a Field Ops was, but wasn't seen by them, just the other guys. I was mostly out of their sight, but this one blue laser was onto me, I turned the camers back, saw the missile and reflected it back to the soldier who shot it. Made me feel bad-A. Also, anytime I beat this guy on RADNET challenges. This Hiken user I keep playing with has insanely high scores. Over 217.000 on Outbreak and most of his other scores either surpass me by far or by a slight amount. That guy is scary...