Games where the protagonist goes on to be the villain in the sequel

#1DarkIconoclastPosted 1/11/2013 2:17:48 PM
Are there any other games like this?

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#2Prototype82Posted 1/11/2013 7:01:30 PM
Nope. P2 is one of a kind.
#3S1lver_Bull3tPosted 1/16/2013 7:16:56 PM
Also, Castlevania Lords of Shadow I guess :I
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#4DarkIconoclast(Topic Creator)Posted 1/17/2013 4:25:44 PM
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#5ultimaweapon79Posted 1/19/2013 6:59:20 AM
Suikoden 1 and 2 has an ally that turns into a villain in Suikoden 3
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#6Big_Brownie25Posted 1/28/2013 12:58:00 AM
Contra Shattered Soldier and Neo Contra
#7vgman94Posted 2/1/2013 6:12:44 AM
Very very few, and none are as high profile or as unique as this. Although the story could've been done far better. Radical makes amazing gameplay, but stories have always been their weak point.