Lets get started, will Heller kill Mercer?

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6 years ago#1
I say no, they will pull a DMC4. We start as Heller but transition over to Mercer. Probably end up joining with him and stopping the big bad guy. Oh so cliche'
6 years ago#2
I hope not. I dont want Mercer to die, I liked him and want to play as him again.
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6 years ago#3
I didnt really like his personality, just cause the emo side is annoying. But at the end when he got really angry and started fighting for justice (When he worked for Cross) that's when he really appealed to me. In retrospect, Mercer started as a terrible character but really grew into a new being(?)
6 years ago#4
What exactly was "emo" about Alex Mercer?
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6 years ago#5
Yeah Im not sure how being pissed your a test experiment that can murder everything so easily and wanting revenge is emo, emo would be more like "oh im a mutant freak" *nuke up the ass suicide*
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6 years ago#6
Yeah. Not to mention that most fictional characters would be rather surprised - even terrified - at the idea of suddenly gaining Eldrich-like powers, yet Alex Mercer got used to it really fast, and his first impulse was to use them to slaughter everybody on his path in order to learn the truth about what happened to him.

Not to generalize or anything, but that's just a result of fan dumb. Back in the day, some gamers would mock Alex Mercer's character design, likening him to an emo because he is a pale dude wearing a hoodie and a black jacket. Apparently the shtick stuck.
6 years ago#7
In retrospect, emo wasnt the best word to describe. Angry is much better, selfish can be applied to the REAL Mercer (please excuse any mistakes i make, my brother lost my game so i cant go back and play it)
6 years ago#8
As long as the story is interesting, I really don't care who lives or dies.
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6 years ago#9
i thought that too, but i'd like to fight Mercer a bit ya know, just to see how well my baby has done without me upgrading him for so long xD
6 years ago#10

I think if we play as Heller It'll be a huge battle at the ned with mercer only to have mercer win in some big climatic epiphany type ending. or they'll join up togetehr fight a big bady and Heller still dies.

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