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3 years ago#1
I am playing through this game and it continues to give me low experience points no matter what i do. Even if i destroy a tank i get 10 xp. I just would like to know if there is any way to get it higher? If not this game will end up taking forever to level up. Plus sorry to say worst than the original game as of experience points.
3 years ago#2
You get a lot more points from completing missions and collectible activities than from just killing people. Hunting down black boxes and field ops are fast ways to net a lot of xp. Later on during missions you get 8000 xp just from consuming those bonus targets with the symbols above their heads.
3 years ago#3
Some ways to gain EP would be to do the Bonus objectives while doing missions and do the //BlackNet missions.

Also, be on the look out during any mission for a DNA icon over something's head. This icon indicates that the target is worth lots of EP. A lot of missions will have at least one or two targets in the nearby area you can Consume.

Another way is to take your time on the Lair missions that have pustules since when you stand near a pustule it begins to spawn a Brawler. Just be sure to have your Shield up when they pop open.

The pustules seem to produce Brawlers indefinitely.

Even better, some of the pustules produce Brawlers that have DNA icons over their heads indicating that they are worth lots of EP.

Any pustule that spawns those types of Brawlers will do so several times before it's just producing normal ones.

Juice those pustules for all their worth!
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