75/100 on Metacritic. WTH?

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3 years ago#1
I guess that's a candidate for the year's most underrated game.
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3 years ago#2
Yes it is. Haters gonna hate.
It's my GOTY. The most fun and satisfying game I've played in a while.
3 years ago#3
Not bad. This game is fun as hell but it does get repetitive. The story is there but only for the sake of...well, being there. Honestly i dont much care about the story. I think they knew the story would take a backseat to gameplay because they make it easy to follow and remember, while giving it to u in short but sweet cutscenes. The thing that drives me to completion is not the story, but my hunger for more powers. It is the only thing that drives me. I think if they had incorporated this aspect of gameplay into the story somehow, the scores would be higher. Still a very solid and polished game. Ive ran into no glitches which is rare in this gen of gaming, especially pre-patch. Controls are tight. Getting around the city is fun. The environments are nicely detailed. I give it a 8-8.5. Thats my opinion. I could understand people scoring it lower or higher so, that metacritic score looks right to me.
3 years ago#4
Thats not a bad score
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3 years ago#5
glad I got this new for 40 and not 60.
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3 years ago#6
75/100 is generally not a bad score. But for games, 70-79 usually means playable but lame. Anything below 70 means trash. Good games are on the 80-89, while the over-hyped games are on 90-99.

The only real complaint in the reviews is the history. But that's a recurring complaint in most games too.

For the record, Prototype 1 had 79/100.
If read by accident, provoke vomiting.
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3 years ago#7
mycelo posted...
I guess that's a candidate for the year's most underrated game.

Short game.

Very linear.

Content wise, it's between expansion and budget title.

Cliche characters based on poor writing in an attempt to dehumanize the serial killer protagonist.

Gameplay mechanics are unlocked to get to the next mechanic, then tossed.

Doesn't scale worth a damn across difficulties.

Pro: Somewhat original story idea.

Interesting black lead for once.

Great engine on an aging system.

Meh. The design and what little content you get for 60 bucks is mostly AAA. But it's barely a 60 dollar game when held up against higher scoring games.

Because this board is full of fans, that doesn't mean the game rates above a 50.

It's barely a triple A title.

---all of this coming from someone who really enjoyed the game and hit 1000/1000 just playing through to explore what it had to offer.
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3 years ago#8
Well this is most likely my game of the year, unless I'm really blown away by far cry 3 or the new ac. So I couldn't care less what anyone else scores it.
3 years ago#9

I'm going to ignore everything else said and focus on this instead.. "Very linear."..

You have the option to focus on different story missions first and then there are the side missions.. and collectables throughout the big islands, field ops, lairs, random military bases to destroy for fun, you can travel to any island you want after unlocking them, etc. It's no Elder Scrolls game but don't go saying it's very linear. That, along with everything else that was said makes it sound like it's coming from a bitter person bent on trashing it lol
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3 years ago#10
the score itself is fine, it's how the idiots these days interpret it as bad, which leads to word of mouth claiming that it's bad.

if 50/100 actually meant "average" like it should, then a 75 wouldn't be a problem
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