Controls need ritalin

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For the most part these controls work amazingly well, but during race events Heller has this weird fetish for going in the most random directions ever. I hold forward with a slight amount of right and press air dash and he goes hard right because there is a small ledge he wants to check out. I want him to sprint up a wall , but he would rather do a back flip off of the 6 inch ledge. By the by the wall back flip was a horrible thing to put in in my opinion. I have never found a use for it and it has screwed me repeatedly. I could go on for days. Anyone else experience these problems when trying for fine control or is it just me? This game handles like a tank great for power but garbage for finesse.
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There's already another topic about the controls, but yes I agree the controls aren't good for finesse or precision. I haven't had that problem you've mentioned though.
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