Does anybody prefer Prototype 1?

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3 years ago#1
3 years ago#2
I prefer pt2 but i'll still play pt1.
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3 years ago#3
i do strike teams actually posed a threat though a laughable one at that, my preferred character, and the helicopter hijack animation has me dying of laughter every time.
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3 years ago#4
I much prefer Prototype 2 over the first, but there are a few features the first game had that I wish would have been carried over.
3 years ago#5

I think the stroy was more interesting in 1, 2 is just the same thing over IMO.  Not that I mind it is a sequel after all but when you make the same game again it is naturally inferior for being the 2nd go round.

3 years ago#6
I prefer P1, but there are some features of P2 that I wish was in P1.
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3 years ago#7
I liked numerous parts of 1 more than 2, and overall like 1 more.

I really hate the whole radnet thing on 2, and preferred all the challenges just being there already, or unlocking as I got farther along in the game. Also, any game that at launch already advertises future DLC just annoys me to no end, but I won't hold that against the game itself.

I feel like the animations for attacks in 1 were more detailed and liked how it would zoom in when you consumed someone with one of your powers. Most of the attacks in 2 seem lackluster to me. I preferred Alex's more parkour style of running as opposed to Hellers more straight forward approach (think back to something like sprinting down a street and the way the 2 characters did it).

I also preferred the much longer move list in 1, and I didn't feel like the controls were complicated or that I couldn't pull off all the moves. Also, there were multiple devastator attacks and even air versions.

The difficulty in 1 was higher and I appreciated that.

Thermobaric (sp?) tank, need I say more...

That's just a few things, but there are a lot more.
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3 years ago#8
SuperSocrates posted...
I prefer P1, but there are some features of P2 that I wish was in P1.

That's funny because I prefer P2, but there are some features of P1 that I wish was in P2 :P
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3 years ago#9
My only gripe with 2 is that it was too easy. Mercer was the only challenging part of the game on hard at least, and I picked very weak mutations on purpose.

Too short, too, an extra 5 hours would've been nice.
3 years ago#10
If Blacklight Heller was playable in P1, I would like to play as him, then I could show Greene some of my moves as I would pounce on her with my claws, put all of my tendrils into her, whipfist her like crazy (the way she dresses is sort of like those dom/sub people), then finish her off with my bio-bomb explosion.

And then I'll cut off Alex's arms, stab him in the face a couple of times, and then consume him, the turd wouldn't know what hit him.

P2 was a lot more fun with the gameplay and new moves/dialogue, but I liked P1 a lot better overall.
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