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User Info: beatznnn

4 years ago#1
Hey guys,

I had a Virus and had to reinstall windows.
Unfortunately I didnt save the savegame of Prototype 2

I dont want to start again from begining

Have someone a Savegame where he played like, yea around 50% ?

Please I NEED your help q_q

Thanks in Advance


User Info: jude1974

4 years ago#2
Really doubting that you're going to find a save game that's only at "50%"~~

Not to mention, that this game is extremely, EXTREMELY could be 90% through with the story and have almost all the upgrades in a day or two of playing.

User Info: nyc_guy

4 years ago#3
yea the missions are pretty short so it not hard to get back up to that % where you left off at.
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