Very fun game.

#1jlocohustlerPosted 10/2/2012 3:48:29 PM
I just finished the game on hard mode and it was freaking awesome. I loved smashing the hell outta people, zombies and huge monsters. I loved this so much that I went ahead and bought Prototype 1 because I didn't play the first game.

I remember having had this much fun in Arkham City when I was breaking the ribs of convicts. Really awesome game, I don't understand why it isn't a very popular series though and Radical had to be shut down. I guess many people only look for neverending RPGs now.

I was quite skeptic about the game at first though because all of the reviews I've read about the game are lame. All of them said that the game sucks, that it was too short, too easy, had a bad storyline and stuff like that but I'm glad I decided to buy it anyway. Was a really fun experience. The storyline has been criticized a lot actually but I think it's just fine. It's not the best story but it's just the right story you expect from an action game. If this was a movie, it could get around a score of 7 on IMDB. Just a fine story with really awesome action.

I can honestly say that this is one of the best Action games I've played.