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StickyComplete Collection FAQ - Read this before asking questions! (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
jayman7502/1 11:32AM
TAY Steam version team equip question.Zeronic007108/3 5:58AM
Final Fantasy IV difficulty and Monster.dat hacking / GBA opening
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Natreg357/29 11:31AM
Nova Dragon (ARGH)aerinhikari17/21 9:22AM
A few questions on gameplay mechanics.DAMIDDLEFINGER27/21 9:18AM
Should I replay After Years from the beginning?Animestar500037/9 2:06PM
Did they buff the Mythril Nut/Bolt drop rate in this game? (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis77/7 4:09PM
About to Start FF4 - which FAQ is best? (Archived)Unimatrix Zero One37/6 12:26PM
Easier than DS? (Archived)Olrod77/4 6:16AM
Yet another Green Tail/Rydia's Tale topic (Archived)Pingurules37/4 12:36AM
How many small "TALES" are there? (Archived)splakappa26/26 1:34PM
Multiplayer? (Archived)Deusfaux26/25 1:14AM
Can this game be bought digital on a PS Vita? (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis96/24 11:28PM
Second kikuichimonji? (Archived)Shirodragon36/18 3:01PM
Anything changed in FF4 ( not TAY ) (Archived)ZeroQ826/17 8:25PM
After Years Lustful lali-ho (Archived)splakappa56/2 12:48AM
20+ hours in the room on b9 during waning moon... not one green dragon (Archived)Duthos25/28 4:59AM
missed beastiary (Archived)SirWaWa65/24 5:33PM
TAY Bahamut (Archived)dark_aerith35/21 8:29AM
LIbra / Bestiary question (Archived)pedroledic25/6 8:40PM
Beat zeroumus EG but i have not done all trials( i can't do them anymore) (Archived)darkfire1925/1 4:47PM
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