Rate TAY character day 4: Luca

#1_ClintonPosted 5/18/2012 7:55:25 PM
Rules on judging:
1. Only one vote
2. You can change that vote if you want though, just tell me.
3. Feel free to argue if you want or not but don't get crazy about it.
4. Rate on a 1-5 solid number scale

1=very poor
5=very good

I guess a 3/5. Luca is pretty much even with Cid (#4 total) as far as HP goes at the high levels (by level 60 she is only about 100 off). MP wise she is around Yang's level (2nd lowest in the game).

Strength catches up to Cid as well at high levels and defense actually passes Cid. Kind of wish hammers and axes could be used with one hand with these two (well three counting Gekkou) characters though.

Speed wise she is at Rydia's level (poor) however she can put on some nice gear that (Minerva Bustier) overall doesn't cost her that much to use compared to some other ladies who would lose some performance in their best stuff.

Band wise she isn't that bad either (12 total). Oh and she has a moon proof attack, with an ability that isn't bad, in that isn't much different from her normal attack (and she can use it from anywhere on anything).
#2EVA_ZEROPosted 5/19/2012 7:53:37 AM
3/5 sounds fair I guess. She's pretty much a better Cid, and she can boost her speed with equipment outside of the Adamant stuff. Something interesting I noticed about her is that at level 99, she can actually achieve a higher attack multiplier with the Artemis Bow (17) than with the Gigant Axe (16). Yeah she'll still be doing more damage with the axe and she loses her moonproof attack, but I think she's the only archer in the game who can easily achieve 99 strength, and she will be 10 points faster with the bow than with the axe.
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#3Dark_EinherjarPosted 5/19/2012 4:22:42 PM
3/5 too, I think...

Btw, isn't Big Throw affected by the moon the same way Kain's Jump is (boosted during New Moon, weakened during Waning Moon)?
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#4Absolute23Posted 5/19/2012 4:50:25 PM
Dark_Einherjar posted...
3/5 too, I think...

Btw, isn't Big Throw affected by the moon the same way Kain's Jump is (boosted during New Moon, weakened during Waning Moon)?

She does. Big Throw is affected by the same moon like Jump, Chakra, Ninjitisu, Bardsong, Gil Toss, etc. Big Throw is a nice alternative to use if attack is weakened since at that moon Big Throw won't be affected.
#5Iustinian_IPosted 5/19/2012 5:54:44 PM

I think everyone has explained it pretty well. Moon-proof attack and the ability to use her in the back row, though with HP and gear selection, you don't need her there. Her weakness is magic, which only gets worse with the Horned Armor set and the Minerva Bustier. Analyze is useless. In general, though, she's not much faster than the mages, which is a problem. Luca's low speed really prevents her from being overly useful, but she is better than Cid. There are much faster fighters who will put out more damage over time, and I think the +Speed armor (Minerva excepted) is probably better on other characters (like your mages).
#6Absolute23Posted 5/20/2012 7:17:10 AM
4/5 Solid character in terms of attack power and unique move but gets hit with lackluster speed and spirit/intelligence. Not a bad choice for a potential end game party character, but most likely will be skipped for other characters.
#7nat31790Posted 5/25/2012 11:20:50 PM

Luca's main benefit comes from Big Throw, which is a range and a moon-proof attack. Other than that, she's just a solid physical fighter. Her's basic stat for physical fighter is fairly high, though she moves quite slow. She's way better than Cid, but she is not as good as Kain or Cecil as a damage dealer.

Anaylze stops working on bosses, especially on those you actually want to check their health like Death Gaze, so it is useless.

Another good thing with Luca is her 4-girl's power band with Ursula, Leonora, and Porom, the Petal Whirlwind, which does over 9999 damage cap even without Limit Ring, but then again the move is so slow that you won't use it unless you're confident.