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4 years ago#1
This topic contains SPOILERS for TAY and FF4.

I'm going to go through the TAY characters from the final chapter and list how to bring out each character's full strength at level 99. This is not a tier list, but should be thought of as a way to explore what each character is capable of.

People not in the final chapter are not included. Neither are items that can only be gained through hacking, like the Lightbringer or Debug Ring. I'll add more characters when I finish writing their results. Bands will be discussed after I'm done with all the characters.

Feel free to discuss, ask questions, point out any errors, or offer suggestions and improvements. No flaming or trolling.


Slow but strong!

The highest multiplier he can reach is 16x with an Artemis Bow setup, but he does more damage with an axe or hammer, which will give him a 15x multiplier.

anything you like


Artemis Bow
Sprint Ring/Adamant

Bows are not a total loss with Cid since he can use Risk Strike with them. So Cid gets the utility of being able to fight quite well from the back row.

Scan is useless. Risk Strike is OK, but not as good as Build or Jump. I don't know what the accuracy is, but at L99 with good equipment it seems to be over 50%.He will reach about 7k damage with it. Not bad!

Cid is just one point shy of getting another agility multiplier. It's too bad his best weapons require both hands. He does not need to use any Adamant equipment, or any speed boosting equipment. This, combined with his bands, makes him a superb teammate to use with the other Baronians.

He is reliable without needing rare equipment.


Deadly shopkeeper.

She is a female Cid. She gets 1 more attack multiplier than he does in all cases. Since her strength is so high, she doesn't need the Adamant Armor. In fact, she does not need a single piece of Adamant to reach her full potential. The following setup will give her a 16x multiplier.

Minerva Bustier/Pink Armor
Sprint Ring/Crystal Ring

Like Cid, she can get one more speed mod from using the Artemis setup, for 17x total.


However, she does more damage with hammers and axes. Still, no adamant needed.

Big Throw does full damage from any row. It's about as strong as the normal attack. Think of it as a way to never suffer from an attack penalty due to moon phases, because when attack is down, Big Throw is boosted.

Since you will never reach the 4th Speed mod with her, she can wear a wide variety of gear and fight at 100%. Because of this, Luca fits well in just about any team.
4 years ago#2

A mini Edge.

This guy is naturally the fastest character and ends up being the second fastest with equipment. Only Edge is a better fighter.

You can mix and match equipment with him in a ton of different ways, since he will not max strength. But there are two basic approaches to equipping him.


Rising Sun
Giant's Gloves/Hyper Wrist

The above gives him a 17x mod (his max) and allows full damage from the back row (only if Rising Sun is his 1st weapon)! No adamant equipment is used, so this frees up your rare stuff for people who need it.


Adamant Helm

This gives him 17x with more attack power than the previous setup. You have to use an Adamant helm to get here, though. No way around it.

His steal ability is nothing. He has the two most important of Edge's magic, Smoke and Mirage. He can also recover HP and status. His attack magics are mediocre, mostly useful for killing pudding monsters. However, Tremor does seem to be non-elemental.

Overall, he is a superb attacker who can heal status and some HP, plus make himself immune to physical hits.


Healing ninja?

Whips are her special weapons, though the Artemis setup gives her the most damage, like this:


For a 17x mod. And no adamant required. In fact, it is wasted on her since it won't improve her attack.

You can also do this

Mystic Whip

for another 17x. I wouldn't put two adamant on her unless I really wanted to use her, though.

If you want to max out her magic, use


but that's two adamant for some mediocre ninja spells.

Her illusion spell is a free confuse on an enemy. Not that great. She does have a life spell, and an instant kill, which are both useful. If you like Ninjitsu, she's a good choice. Compliments any of the ninjas since they need different equipment to max their potential. In fact, of all the ninjas (but Edge) she has the easiest time finding a teammate.


Underrated ninja.

He is the only Ninja who always has room for a shield. Too bad the only one he can use is the Adamant, which most people probably don't want to put on him. For his max, 16x, use this

White Tiger/Chakra/Black/Headband/Green Beret
Giant's/Hyper Wrist

He has high Intelligence, in fact, he is the only ninja who can get full damage off his ninjitsu/max int, but you have to do this:


A full adamant set just to max out Blitz's damage. Combined with boosted Ninjutsu (New Moon), this will give him almost 7k damage off that thing. That's not bad... look, if you like casting lightning with Zangetsu, give him that setup.

His magic isn't really good. Shadowbind almost never works, neither does Flash. Shock is weaksauce. Blitz can be quite strong though.

Everyone says he is the weakest ninja. But if you want to give him an adamant shield, he can hit 7k damage off his jump. That's better (although slower) than Cid or Luca. Bottom line is that Zangetsu is good.
4 years ago#3
Never thought about using Risk Strike with bows for some reason (or bows for that matter as well), maybe because Cid is already at like 1 turn for every 2 turns or so with most of the cast already and a miss with him sucks badly. But him getting the +speed from the bow might make up for some speed.
4 years ago#4
More please! I love reading this!
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