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This or the other one? (Archived)Duelle52/10/2014
I just got this off PSN, and I can't save my game! (Archived)face23562/3/2014
Best Team with a 5 man band? (Poll) (TAY) (Poll)Q_Sensei21/30/2014
What unlocked what? (possible spoilers) (Archived)Boney0011/29/2014
Leonora vs. Porom (White magic face off!) (Archived)Q_Sensei51/28/2014
Lunar Ruins.... Wow. Disappointment (Archived)Q_Sensei31/26/2014
The After Years final party *spoilers* (Archived)ganstamaori31/25/2014
European GBA version, SNES, or PSX version? (Archived)
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Do party members level up when they are not in your party? (Archived)ganstamaori41/24/2014
does FF4 main game have new game plus? (Archived)
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Chapters and Tails (Archived)Irvine Tomoe51/18/2014
Tails and Slot Rarity? (Archived)Irvine Tomoe21/18/2014
Has Anyone Ever Used the Eblan Four Seriously? (Archived)Billyroflcopter61/15/2014
Kinda sad I can't choose the gba music (Archived)DragonlordHaar821/12/2014
should i release a patch code faq? (Archived)
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Game freezing during the Credits? (Archived)OtherVulpe91/5/2014
Woud you recommend I play this ... (Archived)
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better version? (Archived)
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Why is the non-psp version available on psn but not playable on Vita? (Archived)MetalGearOnAcid112/13/2013
Fed up of Item Hunting? (Archived)ZaruenKosai112/13/2013
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