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I really would like to get my teeth into this collection but ... (Archived)CrayonBoy310/19/2013
Uh was it just me or did the TAY seem to have copied the FFIX plot? SPOILERS (Archived)gfaqster410/19/2013
Ok my first time playing FF4 and I HATE 2 things about this game so far :( (Archived)
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Is it me or Edge's Nninjutsu took a level in badass? (Archived)DragonDeoxys510/17/2013
Why not add a steal from Gilgamesh? (Archived)JuliMizrahi310/14/2013
Just out of curiosity (Archived)
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If you can't tie a knot, tie a lot. (Archived)JuliMizrahi110/13/2013
I prefer Golbez to Sephiroth... (Archived)DragonDeoxys710/13/2013
What is your favourite TAY party? potential SPOILERS (Archived)
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Glass Mask or Ribbon? (Archived)Chuck_Xavier910/12/2013
Sometimes, the Gods of the drop rate smile upon you. Sometimes they just don't. (Archived)JuliMizrahi1010/10/2013
Using Rydia's summons in battle (Archived)
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rare encounter? (Archived)krakaboom1023310/9/2013
Greedy, greedy, old man. (Porom CD) (Archived)JuliMizrahi410/8/2013
tried a speed run, had trouble clockwork dragon grinding *spoilers* (Archived)negi_magician1010/4/2013
TAY question with imported files (Archived)dillpickle69710/1/2013
Need more Green Tails in Crystals scenario (Archived)
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Deleting items in TAY (Archived)Reiniken49/26/2013
How long is Interlude & TAY? (Archived)dillpickle6969/26/2013
Why do people hate Calca and Brina? (Archived)DarkMystic12109/26/2013
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