Things to keep in mind in first playthrough?

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2 years ago#1
Hi, everyone. Just got Xillia for my birthday, and started a game with Jude (originally started with Milla, but she seemed a bit more difficult to control, so I figure I'll leave her for a second playthrough). A few questions, if you don't mind.

Are there any specific things I should look for or aim to do throughout the playthrough, so I don't have to grind for something to get more Grade in the shop? My only other Tales game was Graces, and I ended up forgetting a few things, so I had to grind for Grade. I recall a page where someone suggested to eat, so that one wouldn't have to grind that out postgame, but I can't find it anymore.

Also, is it recommended to go in specific directions when leveling up the Lillium orb, at least in early game? Or can I just level up whatever and be fine?
2 years ago#2
- Aim for Artes with the Lilium Orb, otherwise it's not big deal because you 100% it at max level anyway

- Yes, keep food activated. Especially exp food. It may cost a lot of money but it will save you time later.

- Find a lot of gathering points. They can change from time to time, and if you've found all the gathering points the first time you're on a map that still means you missed other ones that will be there later.

- Check shops often. Always dump your materials when a shop is at x3. x2 is also pretty good.

- There are many missable sub events throughout the game. You'll probably need a guide to get them all, because they don't carry over to NG+.

Otherwise except for two places the airship, and on Milla's side the spirit world you can backtrack later to get stuff you missed. Grade is basically Achievements in Xillia. The only thing you'll have to grind is probably the character Artes ones. Every character will have two Artes and their usage is linked to Grade. Some Artes are very easy to use while others not so much.

Grade is actually rather easy to obtain so long as you do all the extra quests, fill out the collection book, and beat all the bosses. I got something close to 8000 Grade when I 100% my first playthrough, at that was around 65 hours.
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2 years ago#3
That's good to know about the gathering points. So, the icon that appears on the map when I find a gathering point, does that stay there for future reference, or does it disappear if the node respawns, or is located in another area?

Also, though I figure it's a little early to even be thinking of this, what sort of grade bonuses are worth getting? The experience, gald, item, and material points ones look good, arte usage, link gauge growth, item cap, shop levels look like they'd be useful as well.
2 years ago#4
The icon will stay there forever, but when you refresh the map the gathering point might not always have something to harvest from it.

Personally I was rather done with Xillia by the time I finished, so I just ended up carrying over my levels, equipment, and shop levels. There wasn't really a need for anything else since I was already at max level and could just blaze through everything with Holy Bottles to keep back the regular enemies.
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2 years ago#5
Even on easy mode I bought only 2x and 5x exp, shop levels, gald, 2x material points since i only had the shops at level 80 and Devils Arms and total kills set to them.

Then I simply fought those early level 40 enemies on this 2nd run and could kill them in 1 hit and hit levels over 60.

On a first run those enemies are still killable on easy mode at level 10 as long as you don't take even hit hit since those same level 40 enemies on a first run can kill you in 1 hit at any level below level 28.

Even when using the same level 40 enemies for tons of exp/gald and shop levels and I only had 4500 grade and 42 hours on the timer by the time I used the grad shop and yes my first run is still only on easy mode.
2 years ago#6
Yes, there's a marsh area north-east of Nia Khera. The enemies are very strong, likely too strong for you when you first reach Nia Khera but if you return there after a few levels if you can win a battle with the help of some food and proper Chain Linking, you can get insanely good exp and good Materials to boost the shops.
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2 years ago#7
Or holy bottle you way through the area try to find +750 material's to boost the shop to levels over 50 then if you can buy those weapons instead of Demon Fang on easy mode at level 10 doing 50 damage to 2000 to 6000 enemies it will start to do 200+ damage per use instead.

Making it easier to kill them though taking 1 hit even with level 60 armors equipped may still kill you below level 28.

I could still win the fights at level 10 as long as you don't get hit and don't run out of Orange Gels/Life bottles but you may have to set the AI to do manual mode else when linked the AI at levels below 28 on normal mode will be too easily killed off since the AI never uses free running at all.
2 years ago#8
Thanks for the advice. Some of it is certainly more for when I progress later in the game (I only just arrived at the Aladhi seaport, after recruiting Alvin), but I'll keep in mind upgrading shops, looking for gathering points, and activating food.

It's tempting to use a guide for the skits and subevents, but I think I want to play my first way through as blind as I can, because otherwise I'm just following directions. I'm hoping I can get enough grade doing that to be comfortable in Milla's playthrough.

I'm finding the combat a bit awkward, though. I rather liked Graces' sidestep mechanism, compared to the backwards/forwards movement of Xillia. Free run helps, but I still feel like switching between enemies is a little harder to react to incoming attacks from different directions.
2 years ago#9
Hitting R3 during battle may give you a few seconds to breathe and look at the bigger picture.

If no-one knows what I am talking about, press the button during a battle and watch. It may be limited to Jude though...
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